any lawyer to recommend for divorce cases?

Discussion in 'Home Life, Relationships & Finance' started by pink_daisy, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. pink_daisy

    pink_daisy Member

    hi all,

    any recommendation for cheap affordable efficient lawyer who is experienced in dealing with divorce cases? tx.
  2. mag_huiling

    mag_huiling Member

    u can try with legal aid bureau, but have to pass a MEANS test..

    if not can try HOH..
  3. uddermummy

    uddermummy Well-Known Member

    can try asking AWARE for help.
  4. mag_huiling

    mag_huiling Member

    have u done your separation?

    did you hire a lawyer to do up a deed of separation? which lawyer and how much u spent?
  5. edinahgoodwill

    edinahgoodwill New Member

    I read that one can do up the deed of separation by themselves, however they still need a lawyer to make it official, so might as well hire one to do it? I think it cost about $800-900?

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  6. Newmumi

    Newmumi New Member

    Does anyone knows whats the procedure for filing divorce?

    Im totally down. Though im married, I feel like im a single mother overseeing everything financially. I can't tolerate my husband anymore as he takes me for granted.
  7. edinahgoodwill

    edinahgoodwill New Member

    Hmm, I was reading this site: Reasons for Divorce Singapore | Grounds & Causes Of Divorce.

    I think your husband's behaviour can be considered under unreasonable?

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