Any recommendations for good facial?

Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by pinkymummy, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. pinkymummy

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    Been searching for good facial salons n home based ones, but most of these salons are bombarded with bad reviews. Any idea where to go for affordable n good facials? I wanna go for diamond peel too. Anyone has packages with coslab, Bioskin or Senses Beauty?

    Can share your experiences?:001_302:
  2. meow meow

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    May be u can try Joyce at bukit batok.Last time she working at bella. She has diamond peel . her number is 92744559
  3. kchiah

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    Diamond peel not suitable for some people as it may irritate the skin, causing redness n inflammation after the treatment, and it is expensive too for a session. There are some other way that u can do at home to achieve the same result and is a lot cheaper, and most important is, it is very safe.
  4. jackaroo77

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  5. wonderyears

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    I don't go for facials. I feel that the more importan thing is to have good skincare products suitable for your skin :)
  6. little miss buffet

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    you can try at instant sparkle its at yishun,its a japanese palour very nice facials they have got and now they charge only $48 for 2 sessions.they are at

    Instant Sparkle
    Blk 930 Yishun Central 1 #01-123

    Phone : 64813168
  7. SCartoon

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    I am for the use of ageloc galvanic SPA which i can do my facial at my own time and convenience. This results of this hand held gadget is also significant after just 5 mins.

    Yes, i agree that the Diamond peel may not be suitable for all esp those with sensitive skin. I have used the 180 anti aging therapy which help to exfoliate my skin naturally without causing problem to my oily skin. i have seen improvement in the pore size, skin texture, skin tone and wrinkles just 2 weeks!
  8. khoally

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  9. laurahill

    laurahill New Member

    Yes,I am always prefer to apply natural home made remedies for my skin,Home made facial are always good for skin..It helps to clean the face and prevent acne,pimple problem.
    Home made facial:
    Make a paste of honey and powder form of oats and some tbs lemon juice,rose water and apply this paste on skin till 15 minutes and then rinse it with cold water,It helps to make skin more smooth and soft and provide moisture to the skin.
  10. nininuskin

    nininuskin New Member

    I highly recommend everyone to try out the Galvanic Spa by Nu Skin!
    The Galvanic Spa brings the day spa home to you. You can experience spa results in the comfort of your own home and rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and renovate your body!
    It's talked about on the news worldwide and lots of celebrities are using it such as Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Simon Cowell, and Tony Braxton and many more!
    It is a mini iron for wrinkles on the face, and makes you look 10 years younger in just 10 minutes each time! People will wonder how you look so young and have smooth skin:)
    They have wonderful Galvanic spa package you can purchase that includes the Galvanic Spa , the AgeLoc gels, and moisture mist included as well as DVD, instruction guide and product catalog! It's a great buy
    It's called ageLoc Spa Package!!
    check it out on nuskin website here is the link:
    ageLOC Spa Package (white)

    If you'd like to purchase one, its so simple, just go to Nu Skin, click on your country, then click on "sign up as customer" and enter sponsor ID: USW9138137

    look at these before and after photos and judge for yourself :)
    Before & After

    email me if you have any questions
  11. mikko010410

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    Hi, may i ask where to purchase rose water? What are the quantity for each ingredients?
  12. ahting

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    Hai, babes.

    Why dont you try out for Gua sha Facial treatment?

    Gua Sha facial help to increase cells turn over, detoxification. It also reduce finelines, wrinkles, eye dark circles and puffiness.
    Hence it increase radiance and brighten complexion, firm up our skin.

    To get a info see the link: YouTube - ‪Facial Gua Sha Treatment (

    I do have a gua sha facial treatment for 45-60min. Door to door home service available.
    For more info, kindly contact:

    Ps: For pregnant lady is not allowed
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  13. redroselle

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    Has anyone tried Bella before? Pls share your experience and what kind of package is it like ? I saw on bella facebook that they having promotion for their skincare therapy at only $28 and seems like quite a good deal. But I hope can hear some feedback or advice to help me make my decision! thx! :)
  14. nininuskin

    nininuskin New Member

    The best is the Galvanic Spa, you can use it at your own home and at your own convenience, much better than going to a salon and paying so much money each time! and the results are amazing! in wrinkles, skin texture, tone, brightness, softness, pores, everything :)

    If anyone is interested to try it out, I can give you 30% discount on it, if you sign up as a distributor, you don't need to sell any products or anything, lots of people just sign up for the discount.
    HEre is a link to the package in Singapore

    If you'd like to purchase one, its so simple, just go to, click on your country, then click on "sign up as distributor" and enter sponsor ID: USW9138137
    its a great deal!

    look at these before and after photos and judge for yourself :)
    Before & After

    email me if you have any questions
  15. greeniegreen

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    Oh I was looking for underarm IPL treatment under Bella and saw that they are having a promo for skincare therapy. Just thought that I share about it since i saw this thread, apparently the promo just got extended till end of this month. So those interested can maybe check it out. :001_302:
  16. kchiah

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    hi, i m doing homebased facial located at Woodlands Dr 60, if u r interested pls PM me. Thks
  17. ahting

    ahting Member

    Hi, I am currently doing a Gua Sha Facial. Door to door home service available.

    Gua Sha Facial can help to reduce wrinkle, finelines, eye bag, dark circle very effective.
    !st trial only SGD35, if you are interest pls PM me. THanks.
  18. Beautifulmom

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    Professional Facial Spa Treatment (Home-based)

    Hi Babes,
    We are beautician cum acupuncture point therapist, specialize in combining acupuncture techniques to enhance the spa effect to prevent fine lines, improve radiance and multiply the absorption of skincare nutrition. (Don’t get me wrong, totally no needles required).

    1 On 1 Home-based Spa Facial Treatment 1st Trial Promo $25 (U.P $62.50) includes:
    1. Gentle facial cleansing
    2. Deep cleansing spa to improve purities
    3. Facial treatment spa to improve hydration and radiance instantly
    4. Anti-wrinkle treatment to reduce fine lines & wrinkles
    *Bonus: Instant blackhead removal or instant face lifts

    Removal of dead cells
    Reduce pigmentation
    Increase hydration
    Improve radiance and flawless complexion
    Increase firmness
    Reduced wrinkle and fine lines

    Experience instant rejuvenation, skin become smoother, subtle, firm and more radiance.
    Venue: 5 min walk from Commonwealth MRT or 5 min walk from Boonlay MRT
    For home visit: $50 for 1[SUP]st[/SUP] trial only.

    For booking and appointment, please call or sms 81818669.

    Thank you
  19. Sarah1987

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    You should check which type of skin you have. According to your skin you should choose your facial.
  20. sharon27

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    I went to citispa for facial before. I not sure is it my skin to sensitive or the beautician too rough. After the facial, my face have small little red patches everywhere.

    The beautician ask me to purchase a ampoule that cost $130, and said will help "cool" down my skin and all. So wont be that red. But in the end, the redness last me for 3 whole days before going away :/

    So i think is better to research well before going for a facial, even if the salon is very well-knowned due to all the advertisement and commercials.

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