Anyone tried eyebrow embroidery @ Bearfully Intl ?


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yeah i've tried the eyebrow embroidery@ Beafully International:D actually her shop is at Toa Payoh called Bio-Beauty. Anyway, i went for the 2D/3D Natural Embroidery Creative by Irene Teo. She was really nice and she knew what she was doing:D the price is also quite affordable at $180-$380.

I strongly recommend you try the eyebrow embroidery by her:D

you can visit her website @ Bio Beauty

:tlaugh:Here are some examples of her satisfied customers: Sara Shantelle, Nicole Chen, Qiu Qiu:tlaugh:
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For me I recommend not to let those china aunties do it.. lol did my 1st with them at a shop in clementi (can't rmb the name) and it looks way bad.

U can try a shop at chinatown, basically her daughter is the famous manicurist/owner of Glitzy Fingers and her mom does eyebrow embroidery really well. Wanted a straighter, korean "brows" look and she managed to did it for me. I did it at a promo for abt $200+ which was a good deal. :shyxxx: