anyone tried Philips Air Fryer?


anyone has used the phillips air fryer? Is it good?

thought of having one but not sure if its really good as what it claim to be and if its easy to clean....


My friend bought it and used it on several occasions. She seesm pretty satisfied with it. Not sure about the cleaning part, but she mentioned it is much healthier since minimal oil is required.


I'm using it for nuggets , chicken seaweed , instant prata , everything except fries .
Somehow fries doesn't taste good without frying it with oil .
The rest taste superb crunchy just like how we fry em' with oil but this is healthy , without oil .


Just bought 1 at courts! Courts having mega raya sales selling air fryer at $298 only. Used it for hashbrown, fries, seaweed chicken. Not bad!! I personally think the fries taste exactly same as mcdonalds's fries without salt..


It's good!! The food is crunchy but cleanjng is a nightmare!! We soak iy water.over.night.and.scrub.the mash with a tooth brush!!!


I use to bake salmon, cod fish too. A very useful tool for stay at home mum. :)
Have anyone use to cook papadum, a indian cracker. Pls share.
Thank you.


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I have an airfryer and I have been using it for ages, in fact, since it was launched :)

I do practically everything with it - almost everything the oven can do, i've tried it - from baking cakes and cookies to fresh food like whole fish, mushrooms, chicken.
Pappadum cannot :(. I tried and it doesnt puff up and is hard. Maybe there is a better way of doing it, i dont know, I am still experimenting.

Re cleaning, use alunminium foil and parchment paper to help. I usu lay these if say i am grilling chicken in it. Less food residue stuck on the basket cos caught on the baking paper. If there are any sauce that dripped down to the tray, the tray is protected by the aluminium foil
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Hmmm...been looking at it for months. It sounds easy n healthier to use. Will get one on next electrical fair. Or anyone can recommend any locations with offer now?? CNY coming:)


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I have one and it's quite good. Can bake too. I used it to air fry wings, nuggets, hashbrowns etc.. all turned out crispy and no extra oil used. Got mine during time sale at qoo10 :)

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It depends on what you want to cook really. Most people I suspect are after using an air fryer for chips, so the answer to that question is probably not. However, they are the closest you will get to the 'real thing', i.e. using a deep fryer.

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Tips: To make crunchy food, start the air fryer before putting the food. Let the air fryer warm up first before putting the food especially for frying the tofu, chips, nuggets. No need to defrost. I am nut sure of meat dishes as I am a vegetarian. Got this tip from an organic cafe.