Are you a nursing mother looking for natural ways to increase your milk supply?


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Other than frequent nursing and pumping, a lot of moms rely on lactation-induced foods, also known as galactagogues to boost their supply.

Before you dive in to try galactogogues mentioned here, please be aware that you can only achieve great result if you have ensured effective milk removal from your breasts.


Dates have been known for its nutritious benefit. For mom post-partum, consuming dates is great to boost energy(since it is easily digested) and increase breast milk production. I personally consume dates regularly since the day I gave birth until my baby was

I personally consume dates regularly since the day I gave birth until my baby was one month old.

In Middle East culture, fresh dates are given to mothers right after giving birth, but if you can’t found one, dried dates are great too.

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PS: Recently, dates has been gaining a lot more popularity as milk booster. A lot of moms consume it in juice form or milkshake. If you can’t find date milkshake in your country, here’s an easy way to make one.


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drink lots of water, rest well, pump or nurse frequently, include some galactogogues in your diet (fish soup, oats, red date water etc), fenugreek supplement. these are some of the things I've tried and that have worked well for me. The most important is to keep pumping/nursing regularly! Signals to your body to keep producing milk.

I blogged about this, you can read more about it here--