Are you able to drink dom during breastfeeding?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group' started by Vone, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Vone

    Vone Member

    I'm currently breastfeeding my baby. Am i able to drink dom befor ne sleeping at night?

    Will it affect the breastmilk?
  2. aby

    aby Member

    Hi Vone!! For myself I discard all the milk leak into the breast shells and no breastfeeding in the night after I drink DOM..
  3. jopeck

    jopeck BMSG Moderator

    Personally, I believe that everything in moderation is fine. After all, baby will learn different tastes through your breastmilk (it changes in taste depending on what you've been eating!)

    If you are worried about the alcohol content, some moms drink immediately after a feed so as to maximise the time taken between feeds. If you are planning to use it during your confinement, consider adding it to soups. If you bring the soup to a boil after adding the DOM, the alcohol content will evaporate. That way you still get the goodness while getting rid of the alcohol. That's what we did when making herbal soups and they tasted really yummy.
  4. jopeck

    jopeck BMSG Moderator

    Aby... if don't breastfeed a newborn at night... how can? I'm assuming that Vone wants to do exclusive breastfeeding with no supplementation. A little alcohol really won't kill, I think... just don't drink a whole litre! Most of us take a tiny little cup right?

    As for breast shells.. never used them. Didn't like that. Used breastpads/towels. Keep a stack of them next to your nursing station for use on baby or yourself! :) Used to sleep on a towel too... in case of leaks at night. Easier than changing bedsheets so often.
  5. aby

    aby Member

    I used breast shells with holes for air circulation.. I don't prefer breast pads as I leaked alot and very embarassed when out with the whole blouse stained badly.. The pads pressed unto the nipples and if leaked badly, it's so wet!! During the 1st one, I suffered from blocked ducts while the 2nd one no such problem at all thus I really prefer breast shells to pads.. The shells will catch little milk thus no wastage at all.. :)

    Intented to breastfeed at night too but my confinement lady requested me to rest totally while she feed my 2nd one FM.. Well, it's my personal choice to listen to her advise.. I drink a normal cup of DOM every night before bed.. Finished 6 bottles of DOM..

    Jopeck's advise of drinking right after a feed or cooking it is good..
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  6. Mum2Matty

    Mum2Matty Member

    Yes, alittle bit of DOM is ok, but not one big cup la..

    I suppose Vone wants to drink abit of DOM to "warm" up her body system as it's believed that after pregnancy, body is "cool".. juz like jo mention, drink immediately after nursing.

    During my confinement, DOM was added to cooked food as I do not like to drink DOM direct, prefer yomeishu.
  7. Vone

    Vone Member

    Yup ~ Suddenly i got like 6 bottles of dom appearing out of nowhere >_<

    And MIL alrdy used 1 bottle to make soup and food.

    But she insist i take a small cup of it before i slp at nite. But im worried if it'll affect the breastmilk if im feeding him at nite. So i still am able to bf him after drinking alittle right? :)
  8. aby

    aby Member

    Like what jopeck advise, drink right after u finish bf bb.. Thus there's always an interval after.. Cheers!!!

    U really good mommy ah, knows how to take care of urself despite the yurky taste of DOM.. :red:
  9. mummy

    mummy Member

    you can drink dom / alcohol... but for the next 2hrs+ from that drinking, don't b'feed / pump.
    as there will be lil' traces of alcohol that will pass thru' b'milk.
    the lapse of 2hrs+ will allow the alcohol to pass thru milk production but it doesn't stay in it... so it's fine.
    but note alcohol causes dehydration to your body, so best to drink lots of water before and after a drink.
    plan in such away, at night after baby's last feed (before your bedtime) take 1shot of dom and go to bed... thereafter, guided time usually 2~2.5hrs baby would get up for a feed, drink a glass of warm water before feed and 1 more glass after feed.

    hths :)
  10. Vone

    Vone Member

    okok i got it :) thx mummies
  11. bluechin

    bluechin BMSG Moderator

    Vone, congratulations on your new baby! i noticed i posted a congratulatory msg in another thread a week back :)

    yah i believe the key is everything in moderation and you would do fine. i personally avoid alcohol. perhaps drinking more water will also help afetr dom consumption.
  12. elaine01

    elaine01 Member

    Agree. If you really have to drink straight from a cup, and you're worried about the alcohol content, take it after expressing or nursing.
  13. mummy serene

    mummy serene New Member

    hi vone,

    A shot of DOM before u go to bed, is fine. u can feel the different the next day u wake up. u can ask yr mil to boil half bottle of martell with a chicken drumstick, its very gd for u.
    Try it once a week.

  14. aby

    aby Member

    Yap, me same method of consuming DOM and martell as you, serene..

    Vone, pour a spoon of martell into any soup too..
  15. mummy han001

    mummy han001 Member

    Congratulations for new baby vone, nice to know :)
  16. Bella404

    Bella404 Member


    Just wondering what dom means??

    Thanks :)

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