Arrival of baby girl Jing En on 31st Dec 2011


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Went for doc review for my pregnancy wk 37 last friday, 30th dec 2011, was told to admit in hospital on the day itself for induction labour. As i was been informed far too last minutes, i got work that day plus my supposed EDD is 18th jan 2012. Ended up changed to next following day 31st Dec 2011 for induction labour appt at NUH 8.30am. Then i planned to tahan till i give birth at 1st jan 2012, which is much more meaningful. Who knows i started having severe pain contractions at 4am, try to tahan abit untill i really cant take it, i woke my hubby up, called his uncle to send us to NUH. Rch NUH delivery suite ard 5 plus am. Less than 30 mins, i gave birth to my baby girl already. Though the pain was unbearable, but i shed tears of joy when i saw her for the first time in my life. The feeling i felt, couldnt put in words . Even my hubby also. I had never seen him that way ever since i met him.

Even though i kinda disappointed that i couldnt make it on 1st jan 2012. But most importantly as long as my baby girl is safe and healthy, it more than enough for me. =)


Congrats the arrival of your little princess!
I gave birth in NUH too and my baby girl was overdue by 4 days from the EDD that my Prof Rauff had gave me was June 22nd. I had gone through almost 26 hours of pain before little one stopped playing hide & seek and decided to get out of my womb to see the world.

Enjoy your motherhood and may God bless you and your little one :)


Congrats. Someone says, the birth of baby means the disaster for the mom. I think it't not exactly true. It should be the beginning of the happy life. Though mother has to bear pain when give birth, but it is the duty as a woman.
Again, cheers for your beautiful princess. Wish her happy and healthy.