Arrival of Benjamin



27th March 2011.
EDD was 29th March 2011

Is been 3 months now and I had back to work.
My memory stretches back to the day of giving birth to little Benjamin and I decided to share my experience.
The timing and sequence of incident might be vary.

It all happened on 26th March 05.30am.
I felt some uncomfortable with my stomach and I thought it might be the supper I had.
I woke up and take a loo. I came out and felt the contraction is getting stronger and I ask myself “is it time”?
I take a rest on the sofa and tell myself to calm down, try to endure the contraction while checking the time.
I was actually confused cause while I having the contraction, my baby is moving and kicking as well.
According to my friend, baby is not moving during contraction and labor. I did not wake my husband because I worried that I might be over reacted.
So I went to take a shower and wash my hair to prepare myself without waking my husband.

I try to get back to sleep but the contraction is bothering me.
It was not that painful as I imagined or heard, but it is not comfortable.
So I log on to Facebook and post my status.

Around 8.30am.
Some friends respond on my Facebook post tells me that I should wake my husband, and I though it should be a right thing to do just in case the water breaks anytime and he would be panic. I went to woke up my hubby and tell him that no need to panic, just for his acknowledgement I am having contraction. I told him to get back to sleep.
I continue posting my status on Facebook.

Around 11.00am.
Hubby and we went for brunch.

1.00pm back home and watch DVDs.

2.30pm the contraction getting rapid, but the baby is still kicking and moving.
I start to call some friends and family members and ask whether I should call my gynea and go to hospital now.
Some tell me to go, some tell me to wait till water break.
Due to previous false alarmed before so I waited.

5.00pm we went for dinner.

7.30pm I felt hungry again and my hubby suggest that maybe I take a walk and it will helps break the water.
So we went East point mall for window shopping and some food. I get allot of staring, because when my contraction come, I get frozen to endure the pain.
I guess those people are worry that I might be giving birth on the spot.

Shopping mall is closing.
Hubby suggested calling the gynea.
Gynea asked when the contraction started and scold us for not admitted to the hospital and tell us to get there immediately.

11.00pm arrived at the hospital. I walked in to the reception while my hubby went to park his car.
I told them my contraction start this morning. They rushed me to the labor ward and I have no idea why they so hurry.

11.30pm I changed and rest on the bed.
Here start the long wait and the contraction is getting allot stronger. Nurse checked on me, dilated 3cm already.
I was delighted and thought “this will be a fast one, yes! All the walking works”. (Later on I found that I was wrong!)

12.30am I keep playing with my mobile phone and posting status on my Facebook.
I get allot cheering from my friends.

1.30am Nurse came in and ask if I want epidural, I refused.

2.30am Nurse came in and ask again, again refused. Dilated 4cm.

4.00am 30am Nurse came in and try to persuade, I insisted no.

5.00am. Nurse came in and try to persuade on epidural. I insisted no and I told her that I want to experience the pain. Dilated 7cm (Yeahoooo!)

5.30am. Nurse came in and try to persuade on pain killer. I insisted no. She told me that I didn’t get any rest due to the contraction and I might end up too tired when the moment comes. She told me to take pain killer just to smoothen a bit so I can get some sleep. I rejected and dilated 7cm still. (Way to go!)

6.00am Nurse came in and tell me she going to off duty shortly. She told me that the Gynea don’t like his patient to suffer too much, and tried to persuade me to take pain killer.
She also claimed that if the gynea came and see me in such a great pain, he will blame them. So I give up and agreed to take pain killer jab.

6.30am the morning shift nurse came in, checked on me. Told me that gynea will go church on Sunday so he will be arriving after 10.00am and my condition is very stable.

Around 7.00am, I fall asleep.

8.30am I heard gynea is here, checked on me, 7cm still!
I asked everyone around me whether I am making too much noise because I was moaning in pain. Nurse stay by my side on request and teach me to breath.

9.30am I asked nurse what took me so long and asked her for help. She tried to assist with my dilation and it works. 8cm now, I thought this is it!!!! Suddenly leg cramped! They give me laughing gas.

10.30am dialted 9cm and gynea says need to assist to break water, when they all get ready and in position I felt something came out and I can’t help it and make a sound “Ops!”
Gynea ask “why? Why? Why, OPS?” I tell him something came out. He checked on me and said “Good! Now let just wait for a moment” Leg cramp again and I lost my rhythm with breathing and I had leg cramp again. They give me laughing gas and tell me to follow the air bag rhythm. And I thought “Oh! Water broken, any moment now! Yes!”

10.45am I heard a woman screaming and rushed to next labor room. She made allot of noise, screaming and yelling. About 15mins I heard baby cry.
Nurse was here with me giving me second jab of pain killer. I asked her “what am I doing here! People came in a while only! I was here whole night!” and the nurse laughed at my comments. I was at 9cm and I thought to myself “soon! Soon”!

11.00am I complained that my back hurts allot and my baby is still keep moving and he is pushing himself out.
Nurse told me not to push and she went to get my gynea. They put me on drip to help my dilation. I continue playing with my mobile phone and posting comments on Facebook.

11.30am still at 9cm! The nurse assisted on my dilation and gynea came in. I heard them saying that it still can’t make it, I need to go for C-sec.
I respond “NO! no C-sec, it’s been whole night! Not now! Please help me! I can take it.” And I keep telling them that my baby is coming out, Gynea assist on dilation while asking me to push.

12.00pm Gynea say can see my baby’s head and he claim baby got allots of hair. My hubby and a nurse that been holding and supporting my back went over and take a look. Then Gynea say push. I was let lying on the bed and no strength to push with the posture. So I yelled at the nurse and hubby “Hey! You all suppose to be supporting me!” They hurry came back. I pushed for a while and gynea say that my baby is moving allot and that I will have difficulty pushing him out. I required assistance, asked nurse to pass him the “German made salad spoon”.

12.15pm Benjamin is out after 2 attempt of pushing.

Nurse and gynea says I am a very funny person and they laugh allot during assisting my labor (==~)

Well if you ask me whether I dare to do it again? Yes, I dare but, can someone help conceive the 10months duration?



Thanks for sharing about your detailed birth story. Congrats!
But just curious, who is your gynae. It seems that he keeps wanting you to go c-sec?


My Gynea didn't wanting me to go C- sec. He encourage all natural kind, just that my condition was very slow....


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