Baby monitor


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Hi mummies,

How many of you out there are considering getting baby monitors for your newborn?

As I understand, there are several kinds (video, sound, movement) and I was wondering what sort would give me the most assurance that my child is okay? I'm more interested in the movement kind (e.g. Angel careAC1200/Babysense 5S) as i feel it would give me more assurance while my child is asleep.

Theres also this other product I found called Nana that will be available soon that seems to have new features with it (e.g. sleep pattern, heart rate and breathing monitoring) and that seems pretty cool, esp since I can't find any other device with similar features. Its not out yet though but according to their Instagram if I were to pre-order one now I can get a pilot unit for free in a month. Alternatively, have any of you heard of any product that can measure the same things in a similar manner (i.e. contactless)? I know there are wearables that can do the same thing but I feel safer with contactless stuff.