Androids-App Baby Monitor


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Baby Monitor features the following:

* user-friendly interface
- zero advertisements
- big visible buttons, large fonts
- bright and colourful backgrounds
- intuitive workflows
- automatic night mode dimming

* easy set-up within seconds
- install the app in a spare phone
- start "Baby Mode" and set a device id
- install the app in your primary phones (parent devices)
- set a unique device id for each phone
- click "Connect" in a parent phone
- add your baby device to the call list
- click "Call" to test the connection
- repeat for any other parent phones
- you're done!

* configurable noise detection sensitivity
- adjust the sensitivity using the slider bar
- reduce sensitivity in noisy environments
- increase sensitivity in quiet environments
- setting is saved automatically

* real-time video/audio link
- uses latest peer to peer technology
- live video/audio feed with minimal lag
- parent can talk to baby by unmuting microphone
- set to audio mode if bandwidth is limited

* up to 5 baby monitors in a single session
- install the app on multiple spare phones
- click "Connect" and tick up to 5 baby devices
- picture-in-picture shows up to 5 monitor videos

* up to 5 parent devices can be configured
- baby devices can connect to multiple devices
- messages or simultaneous calls to parents
- useful if more than one parent needs to be notified

* noise detection triggers messages or calls
- video/audio calls can be made upon noise events
- text messages via in-app messaging (free)
- zero cost if you have a standard internet connection
- all messages/calls are in-app and free

* integrated phone call-logs ensure no events are missed
- all successful and missed calls are recorded
- dates/times are included in phone logs
- integrated within phone for maximum convenience

* maximum privacy and security
- no audio/video data passes through our servers
- our servers are to provide handshaking and call set-up
- all calls are direct; they are private and secure