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im looking at mickey mouse cake for my son.
i emailed PG. but they say cant do mickey mouse because of copyright issue...

do u know where can i get a nice mickey mouse cake. i want a fresh cream base . i dont like fondant.


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Hi mummies, I've been reading in this forum for quite a lot... First time to post here in this forum...
Can possible to share me your photos of birthday cake having Minnie/Mickey theme? Coz currently on a hunt for this. thank you


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this was my girl's 1st birthday cake from pine garden.
they dont't use fondant, oni fresh cream.
the top layer suppose to be a cake smaller than the figurines.
but overall still acceptable.


3-D cakes are the best and I also ordered it for my daughter's 7th birthday. My daughter really loves her birthday cake and she is happy with it. I ordered Barbie 3D cake for her 7th birthday and I'm planning to order again in her next birthday. There are many bakeshop that sells 3D cakes.


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Hi mummies,
I just held my daughter’s birthday party. Researched on a few cake sellers and chose Enjoue (euphoric bakery) as they had impressive posts on their Instagram and have seemingly accommodated many major parties.
However, it was really disappointing. My post serve as a reminder not to buy into the photos on their Facebook or Instagram page.

1. Cake received differs from order: As seem from the picture attached, I ordered the bottom-middle cake (with flower toppings) but received buttercream toppings instead. For your infor, the cake costs me $290 ($225 for 2 tier cake + $25 flower topping + $30 delivery + $10 specific timing).
2. There was no issuing of receipt upon payment as they said their system is currently down.
3. There was zero communication one day before and on the day of my party. And they were uncontactable up to 30 minutes before my party. My cake melted upon arrival, buttercream mane fell off, as seen from the pictures attached and the delivery person quickly removed those melted part and tried to fix the cream. But u could clearly see the crack on the sides. They requested for me to put it in the fridge minutes before my party. And when we told them that we do not want to receive the cake that is different from what we ordered, the person said she could not respond to us as she could not reach their manager and ask us to call the manager on our own. We clearly told her that we tried calling her since ytd night and nobody picks up our call and she said she could not reach their manager too. She threw the problem to us mins before our party and left us with their problem.
4. We attempted to contact them through whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, all our messages were not replied and our reviews were deleted promptly. They had zero attempts to remediate the situation and the after service is pathetic.

If you do not wish to have a heart attack before ur party, don’t order from them. They do not pick up ur call, ur order may differ from what was communicated and they made it ur problem even though the cake is super costly. And their Facebook page does not allow reviews which is suspicious. So please check for bakeries that allows reviews. This bakery deletes negative posts and are not receptive to any feedbacks. No after service. Beware.