Breakthrough anti-ageing industry! Prelaunch Product frm Ageloc-R2

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  1. meiweing

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    Hi all mummies!

    Nuskin-Ageloc R2 prelaunch is finally here again! Since last October, we have seen numerous consumers who has benefitted from this product!! We will be featured on Discovery channel because it is a tremendous breakthrough in the anti-ageing industry!

    It identifies your youth genes clusters, and resetting your genes, regaining your youthful appearance is no longer a dream! You can practically say goodbye to your sagging breasts/buttocks, wrinkles, eye bags, pimples, whitehair, backaches, joint pains & many many more! You will definitely see results in the first month or even just 2 weeks time!

    I have linked a youtube which approx 3min plus for your reference!
    YouTube - ageLOC R2.mp4

    Or you can contact me for more testimonials & information about R2.

    Stocks are limited within Singapore and will not be available at least till end of the year!
    So interested mummies, wait no more regain your youth now !!!

  2. poohbear83

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    have unopened R2 to sell at discount at $1500 for 10 months supply. Per bottle is $150 per month.
    please email to or PM.
  3. joeyk90

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    Wats the expired date of products?side effects?contraindications?

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