Breastfed baby not passing motion for 2 days


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My Baby is now 4 months old. Exclusively breastfeeding. She hasn't been passing motion for the past 2 days. Is this something i should worry about?

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Exclusively breastfed baby (i.e. no water, medicine, gripe water, etc.) can absorb ALL the goodness of breastmilk after some weeks or months.
It's ok even if he poos once in 10 days (my boy did that at 4+ months old). As long as texture is paste-like as usual. Be prepared for a huge volume though. Hee... :)


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Yup it's quite normal. Mine goes once every 2-3 days, longest 'record' was by my elder child, 7 days. Was worried, so brought her to the PD. PD opened her diaper and a massive load awaited her. Paid consultation for nothing,

Although I know of some babies who poo after. every. feed. O_O

it's not about the quantity (i.e. how often)'s the quality (texture) of the poo that matters! :001_302: