Calyce Says Hi


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Hello sexy mummies and funky daddies...

Have been away from this forum for awhile coz was bz looking for job, changing job(kanna retrenched in end 2009) and making babies... :shyxxx:

My baby gal Calyce, popped yesterday (9th Feb)via C-sec at TMC under the caring hands of Lawrence Ang.

Weighing 3.5kg and a length of 50cm.

So the cycle of sleepless nights and wailing baby starts again for me, Her elder brother, Cepheus has yet to show sign of jealousy.. hopefully he is okay with his baby sister.

Here's a pix of her.



Awwwwwww...Pictures of newborns will melt anyone's hearts..!!! CONGRATS dear..!!!:Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub:


Wow she is so cute, a very congratulations to u. :). Take care ya.
Btw Dr Ang is my gynae also, I m waiting to carry my baby boy soon, very excited :).


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Thank you sexy mummies for your kind wishes.

Calyce is turning a month old in 2 days time. Me and my wife is turning into zoombie soon due to lack of zzz.

Here's how she look like now.

My cheeky 22 months old son starts to feel threaten by his baby sister and became more sticky and attention seeking. This really gave us a hard time.

Here's the cheeky boy.

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