Can I sell my HDB flat without meeting the MOP?

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    Hi, I'm currently living overseas. We would like to sell our flat but have only lived in it for 2 years before we moved overseas as my husband has a job here. We left the flat empty as we go back very often. Does anyone know if we can sell our flat without meeting the MOP? Can we appeal to HDB? What is the procedure like? How long does it take before we know if it's approved or not? Also, racially, we are under OTHERS. Is it hard to sell a HDB flat to OTHERS? The flat is in a very good central location, near Orchard Road, high floor and next to MRT. We have been told we can only sell it OTHERS.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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  3. diymummy

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    Doubt you'd be able to sell it.

    You could write in to HDB and request to rent it since you are overseas. As long as you get a formal approval from HDB, you will be able to rent out your flat.
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    thank you for the link.

    don't think we want to rent it out because we really like the life here. :)

    hopefully we can sell.

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