Can one partner cancel a BTO application by herself?


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Hello everyone!
I was searching through Google for a solution to my girlfriend's situation, but I couldn't find anything advise that's related to my girlfriend's situation.

My girlfriend and her ex previously applied for a BTO and have paid the option fee for a 3-room flat. However, life happens, and she broke up with him. Unfortunately, her ex seems adamant about keeping their relationship and is unwilling to sign the cancellation for their BTO application.

Is there a way to cancel the BTO application by herself? Or is there a necessity for her ex to agree to cancel as well? The HDB website only writes about the penalties for cancellation, but not how to cancel if one party isn't willing.

We already understand that she will lose the option fee paid, so she is prepared for that already. I just want to help her move on from her previous relationship.

Hope someone could give us some advice. Thank you!