Clomid: Need some advise if anyone experience the same?

Hello everyone!

I'm on first cycle of Clomid after my LMP on 9 March 2019. I have regular period ranging from 28-32 days. However, doctor just prescribe me clomid to make sure that i ovulated as my husband has low sperm count. Scan was done on my CD10 and there is 2 confirmed eggs growing. On CD 22, I had a strong pressure like pulling cramp on my pelvic area that was intermittent and lasted about 15 mins. Never had that before. On CD29, i had a very strong backache and cramp and thought that my period was on her way as i will usually have backache a few hours before period visited me. However, to my surprise, the backache and cramp reduces its intensity and there is no period. on CD33, i tested but i got a negative. Any advise or similar experience? Really appreciate any comment! :)