Confinement Nanny to Recommend!

sze lin

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Hi Mummies! My Aunt has been helping many new mummies with their confinement, and has gotten a lot of good reviews. My siblings and I were personally taken care of by her. Do contact me if you need a confinement nanny! Only chinese speaking though! :)


Your aunt available next year 13feb ? Thanks
My confinement nanny is superb.. She all the way bought the wen tong ginger for me frm malaysia.. She cooks one day 2-3 soups for me, plus papaya fish soup, as I am a bfing mom.. My cl insist on going to the wet market which is 3 lrt stops away 2-3 times a week to get fresh meat n veggies for me, saying that during confinement, we shld nt be eating frozen meat.

Everyday she wakes up, first thing is to sweep and mop the floor.. I hv vacuum cleaner and mop, yet she doesnt use, she tell me very noisy will wake baby up.. She uses broom to sweep, and hand mop with towel.. My floor has nv been so clean, auntie super hygiene, she make sure mo strand of hair is on the floor, and washes both my toilets 2 times a week. Not only that, each time she sees hair on the floor, she will pick it up.. She say got baby, must be very clean. Handwash my baby's clothings each time after he showers (baby showers twice a day).

She daily sun bath my baby during the first 3 weeks of his birth, due to high jaudnice level (makes it worse when I bf). I shower everyday. She will prepare the wen tong ginger n lemongrass, she will pound them n boil it for me to shower, which is alot better than the 大风草. She even monitors how much I pump daily, whenever my supply shortfalls, she makes sure I am drinking enough red date tea, chasing me to go nap, ensuring that I rest and eat enough.

She will always disturb me say why I dont wear socks during confinement (indirectly asking me to wear). Making sure when I am out with her to bring baby to polyclinic checkups, I am properly dressed and well cover up.

After every pumping session, she will be the one helping me to wash my pump, trf the bm into bottles for next feedings or freezing them in my bm freezer for me. She always standby another bottle of bm after each feed, as my baby gives no warning on wanting milk.. He demands for milk every 1.5-2 hrs. She will always be the one bottle feeding my baby, burping him and talking to him during feeding.. During baby's shower time, she will ensure the temperature is right, close all the windows in the room, before undressing my baby. Then will tell my baby during shower, 我们洗眼睛,洗脸,抹嘴巴,洗屁股,洗耳朵,etc.. My baby has nv cry once during his shower time.

Aunty loves children.. Her 3 kids are all grown up, her eldest grandchild already 17. She is only mid 50s. Super nice lady, very systematic and detail. Very thrifty, always tell me dont anyhow spend money, got money must save. Then make sure we always eat alr, then she eat (she paiseh to sit tgt with us and eat) then always keep fish and chicken for us, (keep telling us, you all eat.. Auntie always go temple eat vegetarian, nt use to eat meat). Then will make sure everything is cleanse well after everyone finishes.

If anyone is keen, I am glad to share more.. :) I am just a well-served client of hers.. With lots of gratitude to her. This is my second birth, the first pregnancy I didnt do a gd confinement, I had extremely bad backaches for 10 years, after this confinement, I no longer live in such torture..