Dealing with stress and anxiety during the 'A' Levels - advice from a tutor

By Ken Pang

Dear students,

You. Are. Not. Alone.

I know there are days where you’re constantly questioning your choice of studying at a JC, nights where you beat yourself up for offering the 'A' Levels.

You have invested a ton of effort only to witness a string of Us in class assignments, block tests and tuition assessments.

And then there are days when you just want to end it all.

But you are not alone.

I know that when life knocks you down repeatedly, it’s hard to keep your head up.

Your JC years without doubt will be one helluva ride both psychologically and emotionally, but they will strengthen your mental tenacity and intellect manifold. If you come through that is.

On the other hand, constantly lamenting the ”averageness” of your school or comparing the quality of your lecture notes to others isn’t going to help you achieve those distinctions in exams.

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Hii all! I am glad to see such suggestions and so much support for students. Unfortunately, nowadays, many students suffer from anxiety due to the results during the student years. Lol, why say about others? I was no different. I had depression because of my grades in my adolescence. I am glad that tutors take care of these things and give other advice to overcome these conditions. I read your blog, and I remembered that I overcame anxiety with the help of white maeng da kratom powder. Moreover, it is significant support from parents and close people. I hope that the number of students struggling with stress due to grades and exams will decrease.
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Walking is a critical moment in the restoration of shaky emotional health. After all, the adrenaline released in the blood during stress encourages us to move. Walking doesn't have to be "healthy" (through the woods, next to architectural beauties); it's walking and nothing more. The tension will automatically switch to the muscles, and the head will clear and clear on its own. Even better is to stroll. You're walking from work; everyone is rushing toward the blue screen. And you're walking along-it's a meditative exercise. If you want to get rid of stress instantly, have an online consultation at with a therapist.


Thank you for a useful resource! It will be useful for many students and mothers who are worried about their children to learn about ways to eliminate anxiety and nervousness. The peak of emotional stress occurs during tests and exams. I remember how my son didn't sleep for almost a week because he was worried about grades. As a result, I realized that he should do treatment anxiety with a specialist. He started going to a therapist, walking more, and spending time with his hobbies. This approach helped a lot, and after a month, he had no problems with me. I think there is nothing more important in life than health, whether physical or mental.


School problems and worries provoke a stressful state in students. Many worry about grades, status, and achievements and try always to be better than everyone else. Excessive striving for success causes psychological disorders. For example, when an excellent student does not manage to achieve the desired high result, he begins to blame himself. It is very important to monitor the moral state of your children and timely provide psychological help. Children need it as much as adults. For example, a married couple facing problems in their relationship is likely to seek counseling to save them. At, you can read about the importance of relationship counseling.