Disposable breast pads


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BNIB Lucky Baby Contour – Disposable Breast Pads 24pcs X 3 boxes/ pack, ONLY at $9 !!! LOWER than sale price!!!

And what's even better? I'm giving away additional 4 pairs of disposable breast pads (free samples from various brands which are not for sale). Grab this attractive offer now!

Features :
1. Contour Shape for comfort wear – disappears under clothing
2. Extra Cottony Soft absorbent material soaks in wetness, keeps breast dry at all times
3. Super Fast Absorbent core helps to prevent embarrassing leaks or staining
4. Breathable outer layer helps avoid sore nipples
5. Anti-slip with adhesive tape ensure pad is in place
6. Cushioned for maximum comfort
7. Milk leakage soaks in and spreads to the sides to maintain dryness, thus reducing discomfort
8. Intimate choice for breast-feeding & bottle-feeding mothers

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