Does breast feeding really help to slim down

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group' started by June Tham, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. June Tham

    June Tham New Member

    Hi, am just wondering . . . does breast feeding really help to slim down to your pre-prenancy figure? Any experience to share? Any idea which is the better way to slim down, by latching or expressing or they are both the same?
  2. elaine01

    elaine01 Member

    oh, i've gone below my pre-pregnancy weight. i nurse DS round the clock for at least 6 months, still nursing to date.

    i shed my tummy before full month.
  3. baby2008

    baby2008 Member

    yap me too...
    i was like 71 kg wen preggi, 60 kg aft birth, then 1st mth 58kg..not bb goin to 3rd mth i m 54kg le..b4 preggi i was 60kg..wahahaha!!!
    BF is good! i support all mums who r BF!
  4. JPJ

    JPJ New Member

    Hi June,

    Highly supporting BF. I stopped mine when my boy was 2 mths old coz I wan him to transit from BF to FM due to my work. But surely, BF can reduce & slim u down. I'm back to my pre-preggy figure but wif lil flabby tummy:shyxxx:. If I can BF him longer, I will surely do so. In fact, I slimmed down even during my maternity. Ppl were askin me my secret to slimmin down. All I can say is to BF ur bb! BUT of course, u need to eat healthy to BF & not just bcoz u wan to slim down.:tlaugh:
  5. Pink daisy

    Pink daisy Member

    You bet!
    I weight 7kgs lesser than before pregnant.
    But the most wonderful thing is that I can afford to eat most of the things and burn many cals still :Dancing_tongue:

    Tummy is back to norm in abt 3 wks after birth hee..
  6. eyktay

    eyktay New Member

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    I feel tat one of the reason why we can lose more when we bfd is cos we're more hands on w bb.
  7. Amulet

    Amulet Active Member

    for me, although im losing weight quite slowly, but im still losing 1 kg per month.. i lost 10kg the 1st week.. i don do exercises.. so i believe breastfeeding helps me slim down alot..
  8. jopeck

    jopeck BMSG Moderator

    some do.. some don't.. personally I still have 10kg from my first kid... but I didn't really watch my diet so...
  9. jennL

    jennL New Member

    haha, i actually read somewhere that breastfeeding mothers should keep some extra weight for milk production. well, at least that is the excuse i'm embracing for my extra 5kg despite breastfeeding for 5+ months! :tlaugh:
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  10. maMaSan

    maMaSan Member

    Mine was slow to go down, until I added exercise - jogs 3x daily. Woa, the combi reali works! By end of 1st year was back to pre-p weight :)
  11. propertyatas

    propertyatas New Member

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  12. camz

    camz New Member

  13. Techi

    Techi New Member

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