Does Work from home really work?


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Hi! I'm currently in my 37 week of pregnancy with my second child and my hubby and I are considering me being a stay at home mum. But I would like to find out if I can work from home to supplement our income. Are there any mums who are currently working from home? What do you do and how long do you spend? Is it feasible with a newborn?
My girl is in playgroup childcare so I only need to take care of the newborn.
Any recommendations or suggestions are most welcome! Thanks!


I find it really difficult. I have a 4 year old who goes to school 5 days a fortnight, and a 2 year old. The only time I can work is while they are napping and at night after they go to bed.

I make children's clothes. Mostly custom orders.

I guess it will be easier with a new born as they sleep more :)


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I have been working at hoom for neraly 4 months and I am satisfied with the experience. You need to develop a daily routine and you need to be very very disciplined. It always helped for me to imagine my boss sitting behind me. And make sure to never work in the kitchen, lol!


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