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Discussion in 'Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' started by Mrs Han, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Mrs Han

    Mrs Han Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new mummy-to-be, just had my 1st visit to the gynae yesterday at TMC. Was browsing through the threads here but realised there's no thread/ feedback on Dr Adrian Tan. Found him quite nice on the first visit...but just wanna know more abt him.

    Anyone has been delivered by him, could you kindly give some feedback?

    Thank u! =)
  2. Jannah

    Jannah New Member

    I haven't been delivered by him (yet), but have been seeing him since 13 weeks into my pregnancy (coming 27 weeks now). So far I'm satisfied with Dr Tan. He's exactly the type of doctor I'm comfortable with - very jovial and optimistic, great at making people feel comfortable, answers questions thoroughly, and chats a lot yet doesn't go on & on about unnecessary things that might make the MTB paranoid.

    When I was about 14 weeks pregnant, my triple test results came out and the results showed a high risk of Down's syndrome in the baby. Dr Tan was very good at explaining the results and the options I had, and seeing how stressed out I appeared, he spent some time trying to make me feel better. And he didn't even charge for that consultation, which I felt was nice of him.

    Anyway, I ended up going for an amniocentesis to test for Down's syndrome, and again I was impressed by him. The procedure involves a long needle being poked into the womb and was quite painful, but he kept me distracted by chatting to me about my baby and asking me questions. It was over before I knew it. When the results came out normal he was very happy for me. In fact every time I see him he has this HUGE smile on his face. Haha. I can tell he really likes babies. I would say his best trait is making you feel positive about your pregnancy and being a new mummy, so if you want a doctor like that, stick to him. :)
  3. Mrs Han

    Mrs Han Member

    Hi Jannah,

    Thanks so much for your feedback! Sounds like Dr Tan is a very nice doctor so far... I felt quite comfortable chatting with him during my first appt too. So thinking of sticking to him as my gynae. Just had some qualms when i noticed there's no thread abt any feedback on him here.... so asking arnd to find out more abt him.

    good to hear that everything turned out fine for ur bb too! take care ya =)
  4. deathstaryl

    deathstaryl Member

    I think the doctors at ACJ are generally good. i'm seeing Dr. Joycelyn wong.. I've seen Dr. Caroline Khi as well. :)
  5. Mrs Han

    Mrs Han Member

    I see....thanks deathstaryl! I've read good reviews abt Dr Joycelyn Wong just that haven read much abt Dr Adrian Tan. But heard from my good friend that she's heard of his name before...hopefully on the positive side! :)
  6. Anaqi

    Anaqi Member

    hi...i'm interested in Dr. Adrian Tan. but any knows his charges?
  7. Piggy_Jasmine

    Piggy_Jasmine New Member


    I'm seeing Dr Adrian Tan... The first visit is $88 and next visit is $48. The package he recommend mi is $588 including urine test, consultation & untra scan.
  8. Jo90

    Jo90 New Member

    Hi Hi,
    I'm only in my 5th week of pregnancy and looking for gynae rite now? Where is this ACJ Clinic? Is it situated at Thomson Medical too?

    How old is Dr Adrian Tan? Is he an experienced gynae?

    My hubby wanted to have a male gynae of certain age.. to him, the older you are, the wiser the doct is..

    Pls advise and thanks!
  9. 80MF02

    80MF02 New Member

    Hi all Mummies...

    I am about 5 weeks pregnant and is going for my first appt with dr. Adrian Tan next week.

    Does anyone has any comments about Dr Adrian Tan? Is he good? How much is the packages charges?

    Kindly give some valuables inputs..

  10. manman0808

    manman0808 New Member

    I was with Adrian Tan for my last pregnancy, it was a great experience!

    I have moved back to Hong Kong, and I still want him to be my gynae when I give birth. Does anyone know if I can fly back to give birth when I am 32-26 weeks?
  11. Fatkitty

    Fatkitty New Member

    Hi mommies,

    Any ideas what are Dr Adrian Tan's charges? Any price increase ever since 2009? Does he has equipment to do 4D scan?
  12. SuperHero

    SuperHero New Member

    I am making an appointment with Dr Adrian Tan in ACJ Clinic next week , is he still good and caring ? How about his stitching technique ? Was intended to book Dr Benjamin Tham at first , but he hit his quota on November.

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