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Discussion in 'Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' started by wenz, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. wenz

    wenz Member

    Hi all,I wanna add another gynae to the list of recommended gynae here... he is Dr CK Tho. His clinic is at Jurong East St 21, very 'Fang Bian' for MTB residing is the west area.... He can deliver for us at either TMC or Mt A, my 2nd gal was delivered by him at Mt A and now i'm expecting my 3rd and is still under his care... very patient, and attentive gynae. Takes very good care of me... His delivering skill is good too and his stitches are neat. He's after birth service also very good, even after 1-2yrs later he'll still send cards to remind you time to do pap smear test... so i'll like to recommend him to those who's staying in the west and looking for a gd gynae!
  2. valeriegoh

    valeriegoh Guest

    I stay at Blk 258, just 3mins walk from Dr Tho's clinic. Been under his care since i was 7weeks pregnant, now 29weeks! Can email me at valeriegoh-@hotmail.com if u need help or anything. Or if u girls come for checkup here can call me for some lunch at the market here hehe!
  3. xynthia18

    xynthia18 Member

    any MTB sees Dr Tho now ? will be my second time going for scanning. want to know more about his skills and character wise. 1st time i saw him, i think he's quite a soft spoken guy. :001_302:
  4. mischeviouschik

    mischeviouschik New Member

    hi all i am delivering my second kid under Dr Tho. He never fails to make me laugh whenever i see him. he is a real joker sometimes.
  5. xynthia18

    xynthia18 Member

    hi mischeviouschik ! how is his stitching skills ? r u going for normal or c-sect ??
  6. wenz

    wenz Member

    mine was normal, 2 birth with him... stitching is good...
  7. mischeviouschik

    mischeviouschik New Member

    hi, i duno about stitching skills cause i didnt dare to look at the wound using mirror. but mine took about 1 week to recover

    dr tho never wants me to go for caesarean. he always tells me natural birth... so this time natural too. no epidural for me :)
  8. mischeviouschik

    mischeviouschik New Member

    i recovered from all my stitching in 4 days :) he is reali very good. i strongly recommend Dr Tho, i realli personally like him alot.
  9. Missy Cindy

    Missy Cindy New Member

    Currently im visiting for my check up. But the queing is taking too much long time.. I keep waiting around more than an hr... :embarrassed:
  10. xynthia18

    xynthia18 Member

    yeah. cus no matter if u make an appt or not, it's first come first serve basis. so i always book on weekdays afternoon. haha. i suppose lesser pple and yeah must come early also..
  11. mischeviouschik

    mischeviouschik New Member

    try to go during weekdays afternoon or before mid day they close for lunch... waiting time wont b so long :)

    i usually wont have to wait that long..

    anyway i have given birth on 10th June, my stitches recovered in 5 days :)
  12. Qian1984

    Qian1984 Member

    i'm new here! latest to be by ck tho.. seems that he've got all gd remarks abt him! i was initially worried whether he'd do a gd job anot and whether he's more to natural or c-sect, but now i'm comforted.. me EDD 16 sep, any new mummys here ?
  13. clovergal

    clovergal New Member

    Hi Wenz,

    I'm new in this forum. Actually, I'm looking for a gynae in the West. Where did you deliver your babies? Must it be Thomson Medical or Mt A??

  14. Qian1984

    Qian1984 Member

    Me is mt A loh.. when is ur EDD? Dr Tho not bad lah from my visits.. me EDD 16 sept.
  15. clovergal

    clovergal New Member

    I'm at the sourcing stage, still looking out for an experienced Gyn for scanning and if all goes well I will fix up with the regularly check up and delivery.

  16. piggie

    piggie Member

    I am oso with Dr Tho, soft spoken guy but feels that he is very detailed when it comes to the scanning and checks.
    Weekdays afternoons are usually the best as queue is shorter :) cos like wat mummies mentioned, even with appt its 1st come 1st serve. Dr Tho can deliver only in Mt A or Thomson if i am nt wrong :)

    Hope this helps :)
  17. clovergal

    clovergal New Member

    I see. Anybody can share with me the package you have took from him?
    Roughly what is the estimated course required? This is my email add: clovergal@gmail.com

  18. piggie

    piggie Member

    $700, but he only accepts packages from 4th mth onwards
  19. maltezer

    maltezer New Member

    hi, any one else had consulted with Dr Tho before? Any updated reviews, as I am considering to visit him too.

  20. bobviolet

    bobviolet New Member

    Hi Maltezer

    I was recommended by my friend whose 2 children are delivered by Dr Tho. I consulted him after missing my period, now in my 18 weeks of pregnancy. :)

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