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  1. rainypink

    rainypink Member

    Hey.. Has anyone seen Michele Lee Sook Ling from AMK hub TMC?
    How was she?
    I wonder why her year of obtaining all courses not listed in TMC list of doctor's site like the rest of the gynaes??
    will anyone share?
  2. pbtgal

    pbtgal New Member


    i have just went to see her last week. I find her quite stern looking but she will answer your querries if you ask her. Her clinic is not as crowded as my previous gynae and her assistants are very friendly. So I would say the visit to her is quite a relaxed one. Except 1 thing, i find her charges abit high compared to some gynae from Thomson's Woman Clinic. Eg. her consultation is $90 but my previous only charge $40. However, her charges for medicines are still quite reasonable.
  3. rainypink

    rainypink Member

    ya, she v quiet leh. She hardly smiles to you too. =(

    She looks flustered and like not in the mood liddat.
    haha.. i see her, then i also become frowned looking..
  4. tummy

    tummy New Member


    I have make my first visit to her clinic.. she is quite stern lor and she is the type that you ask her question then she will answer.. not the type to give extra info....but I duuno leh.. I will have my second visit again...

  5. Foongyao

    Foongyao New Member

    I heard she has left thomson. Now with some new gynae clinic called Sincere Medical Specialist Center for Women in Novena area. My friend went to see her and got really good service, not like the old clinic where you have to wait so long. Here's the link to website: home

  6. GiselleLim

    GiselleLim New Member

    Hi, can anyone share more of their experience with Dr. Michele Lee. I went for my first check up with her when i realize i expecting, need to see how's her review & decide on still continue to check up with her or not. Hope there's someone can share & advice.
  7. kitty

    kitty Member

    Any good feed back for Dr Michele Lee?Can i have her contact?

  8. Zell Darla

    Zell Darla New Member

    My gynae is Dr Michele Lee and i found that she is really nice.Indeed she does look a little stern but the way she provide her service is very professional.She is always composed and very gentle when she did pap for me.I'm trying to get pregnant and she does gave a lot of good tips on conceiving and she's also an IVF Practitioner.I hope i will get pregnant soon and I know who to look for none other than her as my obstetrician.In addition, the staffs are really amiable and will make you feel comfortable.i would recommend to see her.

    she practise in Sincere Medical Center at novena Specialist Center.Here's the contact 65070766.
  9. kitty

    kitty Member

    Is she still in AMK hub?
  10. Zell Darla

    Zell Darla New Member

    Hi Kitty,

    She's no longer at AMK Hub.Now,she's at Sincere Medical Specialist Center For Women located at Novena Specialist Center:Dancing_wub:
  11. celica

    celica New Member

    anyone know abt doc Lee charges
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