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    Hi, We just delivered our little one.
    The Doctor my wife had been seeing went on urgent personal leave the day of the delivery :eek:
    The replacement was Dr Steven Teo. We were nervous about him as we couldn't find any reviews online, so I thought I'd leave a review for others who might find themselves in similar circumstances or considering him.

    Overall we felt we were in good hands with Dr Teo after getting to know him.

    We first met him when we arrived at the hospital when my wife was experiencing contractions. He came to her bed, introduced himself to us, looked over the birth plan that our other doctor had signed off on, and said it should all be fine.

    We wanted a natural child birth and we felt that he was very supportive of our wishes. He was calm and friendly and gave us the impression that he had time to answer all our questions.

    When delivery came we had a complication and he offered us the choice of either a forceps delivery or emergency C-section. We'd not heard good things about forceps and were concerned to go that route. But he advised us to give the forceps a try - we're really glad for his advise, our bub came out with 1 push with the forceps and no side effects.

    All in all we felt very comfortable with Dr Teo.

    After delivery we had a follow up appointment with Dr Teo, one small complaint is that we did find him a bit more clinical and businesslike than our previous doctor.

    Overall though, we felt like we landed on our feet getting Dr Teo after our original doctor went on leave - we are even considering choosing him next time.

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