Elken Elysyle DX Lingerie


If you are looking to get your desired body shape, you have
come to the right place!

Did you know that Jessica Alba wore a corset for 3 months to
get her body shape back after pregnancy?
You can read about it here:

*Do you suffer from any of the below?*

1.Fat under your armpit & back fat.
2.Denting below your underarm and shoulders.
3.Poorly shaped/sagging breasts & buttocks.
4.Denting in between your thighs.
5.Bloated stomach. :(

Wearing a corset is actually one of the full-proof method in
losing weight, rather than taking slimming pills. You actually
save more money and it's much safer than taking pills!
(no side-effects)
You can read about the corset diet here and info on if
wearing a corset works here .
The undergarment/corset that I am introducing to you has
been proven to get rid of unwanted fat and help shape your
body suited to your body type.
There are plenty of different types of corsets in the market
and they are significantly cheaper.
However, most of the ones
that do not have teflon bones are most likely not going to give you the proper support that your body needs.

Even if you are THIN u still can be in a good shape wearing Elken corset! :D

I wore it through the whole night and it is comfortable. You
can sit down comfortably. There are some other corsets are quite hard to deal with when you are sitting down or when you are trying to bend down, because they doesn't have the flexibility I supposed.

Why waste time and money on something that will not work???

The corset that I am selling is 100% guaranteed to help you lose weight with continuous use. Since this is an undergarment
which you need to wear everyday, it is not going to be a hassle. By the third month of wear, you will notice that even when you take it off, the body shape the corset gives off will stay.
But what captures the heart of many who have tried it is the instant effect it gives when you first put it on.

Instant curves .
No more excess fat showing up when you wear tight clothing.

Or you can just scroll down and read.

:: The Elken Elysyle DX Lingerie is the most innovative and the
best corset in the market that promises high quality and high
comfort. It received a Good Design Award from Japan and
it's one of the best corsets in the world. ::

How the corset works -
* Brassiere - helps shape your breasts to their
correct shape, prevents it from sagging due to
gravity, gives the much needed support it needs
and corrects your posture
* Body shaper/waist nipper - corrects your
posture and directs excess fat (instead of
simply covering it) to the right places
* Panty - helps prevent and accumulating
fat around your waist and between your thighs
* Long girdle - helps shape your thighs, reduces
excess fat, eliminate fat between the inner
thigh, shapes your buttocks and prevents it from

:: There are so many reviews on this product on the internet,
you may simply google it and you will see before and after pictures of DX users. ::

Dato' Siti Nurhaliza and Neelofa are a
couple of our local Malay celebrities who use this corset.
Trust me that you will look better in your dresses and you might even be able to put on some clothes that don't fit you anymore.

Why DX Elken??
- Ergonometric design
- AMAZING results
- Superior materials
- Quality assurance!

It will boost your confidence and believe me that
you will receive a lot of compliments! :D

If you are SKEPTICAL , you can try it on for FREE and see if you like it.
Just contact me and we can schedule for an
appointment for a free fitting and consultation.

Current promotion ongoing :
Free Gift *Cellulite + Ld Venus Gold

I would recommend you book a free fitting session. No need to pay or buy. After all..its A lingerie.. cause no point talking about product.You need to try it on and get the feel.

Book a session with me:
Wed 6pm to 8pm
Fri 6pm to 8pm
Sat 11am to 3pm

Bring your Friends, Relatives, Cousins or Children..

No Worries, LIGHT SNACKS will be PROVIDED. :rolleyes:


The BEST OF ALL, It is VALUE for $$!!!!

I hope I will be able to help you achieve your dream body shape and I hope this works for you ladies!! :rolleyes:

For more enquiries / testimonial / Feedbacks on this product SMS / Call me @ 83761385 or email me @ healthbeauty2906@outlook.com


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Elysyle contour cellulite control


Works based on a 4-Targeted Action: Repairing-

Slimming-Draining-Firming, to reduce body fats and fight against stubborn cellulite on arms, waist, hip,
buttocks & thighs.
• Softens the hardened collagen fibres and stimulates
general metabolism
• Triple effect on fats metabolism to address slimming
and cellulite problems
• Improves microcirculation, helps promote the
elimination of toxins and excess water
• Improves skin tonicity and elasticity


For more enquiries / testimonial / Feedbacks on this product SMS / Call me @ 83761385 or email me @ healthbeauty2906@outlook.com



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Have you ever encountered problems like…
* Dull complexion
* Poor memory
* Easily agitated and hot tempered
* Insomnia
* Gaining weight despite eating less
* Dissatisfied with own body shape
loss of self-confidence

All these issue maybe related to
Female Physiological Symptoms!

Women of different ages experience different physiological
symptoms. Generally, women undergo 3 stages of physiological
symptoms during their lifetime.
At this stage, hormone secretion reaches its peak level. Females start to develop breast and experience menstruation.
Maturity At this level, hormone secretion begins to decrease resulting in menstrual pain and irregular menstruation.
Women may also experience prolapsed
uterus, vaginal dryness, enlarged / loose vagina and less interest in sexual activities etc.
Hormone secretion begins to diminish or even cease altogether.

Pre-menopause stage :
Hot flushes, night sweat, emotional instability, hot temper,
depression, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc
Mid term stage :
Dry skin, wrinkles, vaginal dryness, thinning of vaginal membrane
due to shrinkage, vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina), etc

Advanced stage :
High cholesterol, osteoporosis, thinning of the skin, incontinence and other ageing symptoms.

Conditions which contribute to female physiological symptoms are:-
Environmental pollution
Overwork and no rest
Improper dietary habits
Tension and stress
Lack of healthcare knowledge

Introducing a holistic Solution to improve root cause of female physiological symptoms…
Hormones make up the endocrine (hormonal) system and are
responsible for the development, growth, metabolism and
reproductive functions throughout a woman’s life. Physiological
changes are often caused by hormonal upheavals during the critical
phases of puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause to
address the different needs of the body, thus affecting the quality of life.

In Chinese medicine, the kidney, liver, endocrine and reproductive
systems are interconnected and nourishing these systems in a
holistic combination of herbs can help improve overall health and
vitality while alleviating specific physiological symptoms or

LD-Venus Gold is formulated using a time-tested herbal formulation with top grade Chinese herbs like Dang Gui, Dang Shen,
Dan Shen, Bai jiang Cao, Yi Mu Cao and huang Qi to help regulate
menses, enrich the blood, assist in recovery after childbirth and
may offer relief for menopausal women.
LD-Venus Gold is + bottled in miniature vials for
consumption and does not require preparation or boiling. It is also
certified halal and does not contain hormones, chemicals or artificial

** Expectant mothers and women who are having their menses are
advised to stop consuming LD~VENUS GOLD. Advisable to start
taking only 2-3 days after the end of each menses.

For more enquiries / testimonial / Feedbacks on this product SMS / Call me @ 83761385 or email me @ healthbeauty2906@outlook.com

Thank you... :D
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