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Hi all,

I am considering to hire a maid, and would like to ask for advice and info on hiring one.

Can anyone advise how should I proceed the paperwork on hiring a transfer maid? Cos my MIL's friend is recommending a maid to us, who is ending contract this coming August... So, do we need to go through agency to apply? I heard that we can apply work permit via MOM website, so what other paperwork is require?

What about insurance? Where to buy insurance for the maid? How about bond? What is the bond for?
Usually they cant request more $$ just cos take care of newborn. But some of them cant take the stress and strain of taking care of newborn. I picked a maid who is more mature and has a kid herself so she is very patient with my boy.

And sometimes my boy sick, she stay up to look after him, I'll give her permission to nap with my son in the afternoon. My maid wont nap, she'll onli lie down beside my boy when he nap. She just lie there and rest only. she dare not nap even though we gave her permission already.
ya my maid also wakes up in the middle of the nite to carry baby..when my baby wakes up. I also wakes up. then i also allow her to nap in the afternoon...but she didn't. but she sleeps at 10+ lar..sometime earlier if my boy sleep early. i guess is a 2 way thingy...u treat her ok..she will try to be nice too... but don't spoil her.

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Halo! all mummies;

I have found this blog that share all abt hiring maid and some comments on their experience with different maid agency. I dont know who else have come across this blog but well...

So far I hired a fillipino maid for abt one mth for my 21/2 yrs old boi..<TOUCHWOOD> so far so good...

Have a look and reference ...abt hiring maid... quite interesting...

Singapore Maid Agencies Reviews

Missy S

If you have contacts for maids who have ready passport and want to come to SG, you can go to MOM to apply on your own.
Hi stonston, may I know how do we apply on our own? How about the clearance at Philippines customs, what documents do we need to prepare for the maid to pass through the customs?

As for the contract, do we need to draft up a contract?

Asset at Hougang Green (2nd level small agency at the corner)

But warn you first, so far I dont have any good experiences with their transfer maids or Filipino maids. Best recommended you get experienced indon maid (best worked in west msia for big family - ang moh or indian family) cos their command of english is slightly better and their level of hygiene is better also.

my previous indon maid (very good maid also) worked for ang moh family. the way she look after baby is very professional, like hire private nurse like that. my current indon maid worked for indian family (very rich family), her level of hygiene is higher than mine n she looks after my son very well.

try to get those with kids, cos their motivation factor to work hard is their kids. my current maid wanna work hard here to send her son to private school and i've even helped her work out a budget to pay her his fees when he starts school next yr (and i'm helping her to send her money direct to the school for his fee payments, and some cash back to her family for expenses).

but again, it also depends on luck. tell the agent your requirements and see how they recommend :)
Hi, happen to see your post here. I read the review of Asset Recruitment Agency. It has very BAD review. Since you engaged their services, can you share with me more? thanks.


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My agency fee is only $88, They let me separate the payment of loan into 2 month installment. Maid loan $1800 (transfer maid just work for 4 mths) Fillipino maid. She is good also. Really depends on luck loh, my sis paid agency fee for 400+ but the maid not very good.
May I know your agency name? Do you have any good transfer maid that you can recommend me also ?


Hi my maid agent is not bad,no agent fee ,now only have filipo maids,location is at bedok central,pm me if interested tks:001_302::001_302::001_302::001_302:



i am planning to employ a maid.but would like to know more info
any mommies here can give me more info?
thank you

what is maid loan?

what should i pay when i employ a transfer maid ? a new maid?


To me, most important is to find a good agent (not agency har, **agent**). If he/she is strict & fierce enough, your maid will not 'suka suka' tell you, 'I want to go back agent' over small matters! They will think twice/trice before they say that.

You can pm me if you want my agent's contact. But the agency she works for is in the east - Katong.


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call Afflyn recruitment their off in balestier fast, good & reliable maid well trained & no hp allowed call 94853906 Mr Dean


When hunting for agencies, avoid those in Orchard and Bt Timah.
The bios of maid at Orchard are 95% 4 off days per month (filipinos who havent completed 2yr contract asking $400 - 450 per month & 4 off days. 1 Myanmar bio indicated worked less than 2yrs also asking for this pay package too). Some indicated on bio only want to work for Expat. These maids are mainly given off days so you'll be told by agent they are available for interview only on Sundays.

I popped by a number of agencies at Coronation (Jan 2011) before I could see bios, agents told me, the filipinos they have asked for 4 off days and must have handphone.

Had a tough time getting a maid with right working attitude ........ I hope I don't have to go thru such headaches again :eek: :embarrassed:

btw, it is great to get a nearby agent so you don't have to run like mad woman (like me, travel from west to Katong) or find those that provide free home service. My 1st agent was good as I sat at home for her to bring maid over to be interviewed. I also rec'd my doc and do payment at my hse... paying the same fee $288! This is what I call hassle-free. Too bad, small agency unable get me trf maid at my timing.


Are you guys aware that 1st timer who apply for maid need to take up a course from singapore poly?
Can someone paste the link to me cos I am a first timer hiring maid to take care of #1 in Aug.:001_302:


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Hi there! Just joined today. ;) What a grreat forum! I am looking for a maid again after few years shunning away from them...Tried Indons and was completely turned off by them(the ones I had). Last one was a Myanmar helper(quite hardworking but butter fingers and stubborn at times) but she still called me a few times after being transferred out.

Am very torn about which agency to go to...has anyone tried JLK agency? My daughter is already 11 years old. I am now planning to go back to work on a full-time basis. The helper basically needs to cook and clean plus send my girl to her tuition class. Am not sure if I should get a filipino or myanmar helper...

Thanks in advance for feedback!

Have a great week ahead!


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nowadays maid is very choosy.
my maid, indon recently (2 weeks ago) said want to change employer.
when i asked her what happened, she just told me that cause she always do mistake.
work for 7th months and doing the same mistake cause when we told her.. she didnt really listen.
it's like not serious in working... or she did listen but go in right ear, come out left ear..

i havent say she not good and fire her. she already fire me first and furthermore she steal food and eat really alot.
can see that she gained weight.

i sent her back to the agent.
we have to pay for her food and lodging for max. 21 days which is $10/day, while waiting for a transfer (another employer to employ her).
i checked with agent if she has new employer already.
agent told me that there're few people who interviewed her...
when these people left the agent, my ex-maid asked the agent, how big is their house? "3 storey",
how many children do they have...? "3 children"
she rejected all those employers...
she still can choose what she wants.

there's once when i asked her to cook instant noodle to eat, she said she wanted the mie goreng (dry one / not soup instant noodle). we told her that we cant even choose what to eat.. you still can choose ah?

actually, her overall is still not bad. maid is still a maid, we have to close one eye.
choosing a maid is like buying lottery. see how lucky you are.


hi mummies, anyone knows if its like against the law/illegal if the maid sleeps in the living room?

during my off days i intend to bring baby and maid back to my mom's place, and theres not enough space, however my mom has got extra mattress etc. Is it ok if like 1 or 2 days a week she has to sleep in the living room?


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hi mummies, anyone knows if its like against the law/illegal if the maid sleeps in the living room?

during my off days i intend to bring baby and maid back to my mom's place, and theres not enough space, however my mom has got extra mattress etc. Is it ok if like 1 or 2 days a week she has to sleep in the living room?

My maid also sleep in the living room. My house only has 2 bedroom. But you have to inform her earlier so that she will know and dont make noise when she knows she's going to sleep in the living room.


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Yes, i agree with Joeichen, don't leave maid to take care of everything. I take care of my baby at night even though I am working full time. I think it can be very tiring for maid to take care all day and she may not have the patience a Mother will have for her own child. I did ask my Indon maid who has been with me for three years to help me take care at night in the past as I am very tired for just a few days. She comes back telling me she cannot sleep coz my baby needs milk at night, and once she wakes up, she can't go back to sleep. And I observe she tend to be impatient when she didn't sleep well. I don't want to take the risk as i need her full concentration as I have no people at home to keep an eye on her.