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Discussion in 'General Parenting Discussion' started by maichiang, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    Hi everyone..does your kids/toddlers/infants haf flat feet?? realised a few days that mi boi's feet is very flat..all of his feet touched the floor..thou he's onli 17mnths of age..

    when exactly can we identity that he reali has flat feet? cz i read somewhere that its onli confirm ard 4-5yrs that they haf flat feet..

    and if so..what are the health hazards? thou' again i read that it doesnt reali affect bt they will haf to wear some special soles?? any treatment to cure it? as in create the 'arch'? does it affect his walking? running? when he grows up? he walks btw..

    so worried!!!=S
  2. ast0212

    ast0212 Member

    Hi Maichiang, I was worried about the same thing too for my son when he was about that age. Our doctor said all babies start out flat footed so when they are a bit older you can have them checked out...

    You probably could buy those good quality shoes or sandals that have in-built support. Clarks is very good for this, my mother insisted on buying Clarks when we were kids because both me and my sis have flat feet, so she buys for my son too. My dad has flat feet too... we all walk, run and do everything reasonably well. The only complaint is that our feet can get a bit sore after walking or standing for too long....other than that we function like normal :)

    My sis had some special soles made when she was younger....I guess they helped.

    My cousin has really bad flat feet that create suction noises when she walks on tiles...she seems fine though, has 3 kids of her own and babywears each one constantly.

    Don't worry :)
  3. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    Hi dear, thanks for your comforting advice..so do you know where i can get those special in built soles?? and roughly hw much do they cost? can they be put on in any shoes? does that mean mi boi can only wear 'ugly' shoes? its really assuring to hear frm some1 who has flat feet that they do function normally..i was so worried tt he might haf diff walking n running..

    any brand of shoes other than clarks?? hws ya boi's feet now?
  4. ast0212

    ast0212 Member

    hmmm sorry I am not sure of the costs of the soles in Singapore coz here in Australia is can be covered by private health insurance. They are done by the podiatrist. They make a mould of the feet but I'm not too sure. As far as I know you can slip it into any shoe :)

    Another brand with good soles is Airflex, not sure if you have them there... but any brand with in-built soles should be good :)

    I haven't checked my boy's feet yet...he is 27 months so still quite early...
  5. marshmallows

    marshmallows New Member

    Sorry correct me if I'm wrong but I thought it's pretty obvious to spot flat feet even from infant stage? Cos for base of my boy's feet, there's contours just like our adult ones. Last time I had a neighbour whose baby was born with flat feet and it was very obvious to see it cos the entire base is flat without contours etc.
  6. marshmallows

    marshmallows New Member

    Opps just read that some toddlers tend to have more fats at the feet so the arch will normally appear much later like 3 years old :p
  7. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    mi boi is not really chubby, he used to be very chubby..but he still has fatter arms n legs den other parts..hmmm, his feet is alr flat,touching the floor..oh dear!! haix..
  8. marshmallows

    marshmallows New Member

    Dun worry now first.. Some only have the arch later like 3yo fr what I read. Or u can find out more from your pd during your next visit if u r worried :). I hv a guy friend who has flat feet, basically not much problems in his daily life, only when he went army he has to have different type of boots cos the normal ones are too uncomfy for him.
  9. shermyn

    shermyn Member

    Hi, I think my girl has flat foot too. She's 5 this year and I have yet to bring her to any doctors to check it out. I've noticed she tends to walk with foot facing inwards and she tends to fall last time due to weak legs more than I think due to flat foot. Basically I think it hasn't caused her much problem but am afraid she'll blame me when she grows up n unable to wear heels. If you are concern about it,why not bring ur kid to polyclinic n see if they are able to refer your kid to a specialist?
  10. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    Yup, i will do so during his next jab visit..but am so gald that almost everyone wid flat feet can go about doing his normal stuffs..bt its more concerning for the boys as their life is more 'physical'..as in if he wants to go into police? army? etc etc..i will update when i go see the doctor..i hope it is not. thanks beautifuls for the suggestions and advices=)
  11. shermyn

    shermyn Member

    Yup, 天下父母心。 of cos we'll be worried. Your boy is still young probably not confirmed flat feet? Do update me yeah,so I can bring my girl there too next time.
  12. Flatfeet

    Flatfeet New Member

    Hi, i just had a pair of custom made insoles for myself in Orthotics Lab Singapore and it is really comfortable. They got the latest technology and they have the most comprehensive range of materials compared to others. I have such great fun selecting the materials. Within a week, i got the insoles. So happy!!! The insoles i got for myself is really soft and comfortable.

    Having a flat feet for years without knowing it until one day, i have heel pain. That is when i got my first pair of insoles in year 2009 in a public hospital. After wearing insoles, my feet does not hurt anymore. Moreover, my posture is more upright when walking. So pretty much, i am very used to having insoles and cannot walk without it.

    Seriously considering getting a pair for my children. I heard they are running a promotion soon

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