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    Dear Moms community, my firm is hiring several people for a project-based and flexible employment. As this can be done from home, I thought of sharing it with the community.

    Interview scheduler to conduct a government research project
    (> $10 / hour + generous bonus + referral bonus)

    I am working for a Singapore-based strategy and research company looking for project-based team members to schedule meetings with SMEs in Singapore as part of a study on government grants. This is an opportunity to get involved in a research project.

    Period: ASAP until November, possible extension until January
    The candidate will be in charge of:
    - Contacting SMEs to interview (company list, names, numbers, and script provided) - Scheduling meetings which involves simple organization and coordination of calendars

    - Fluency in English (Chinese is bonus)
    - Comfortable with cold-calling

    - $ 10 for every meeting successfully scheduled
    - Bonus of $ 50 for every 10 meetings scheduled
    - Referral bonus of $ 50 for successful referral of another team member
    - We will also write a letter of recommendation to top performing candidates

    Other details:
    - Skype and email accounts provided to contact SMEs
    - Training and coaching provided
    - The candidate can either work from home or from our office where a computer can be provided

    Please contact us for more information and attach your resume, or statement of relevant experiences.

    Please contact me at:
    +65 9652 5024

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