flu season!!!! how to keep bb flu-free!?

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  1. msck

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    Dear mummies,

    The weather is crazy! One minute hot n sweaty, next is cold n shivering. Though i bf my bb, she has runny nose. =( heard quite a few down with sore throat, nose block etc. Thank god bb still drink n sleep well...

    Can i ask,

    1) how do i boost the immune sys of my bb? If i take more vitamin c, will it help bb??

    2) her mucus of the runny nose used to be watery. Now become sticky. How!? I drip a few drops of bm into her nose then suck them out with the nose aspirator. Is suck using mouth more effective? How do u use mouth to suck anyway!? I want to do it if it's more effective than nose aspirator. Pls teach me!!

    3) heard bb below 6 mths, doc wont issue medicine. So ubder wat situatiob or syptoms do i visit a pd?

  2. mskyliee

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    Hmmm I brought my son to kkh when he was around 5+mths. Had cough and running nose. But apparently, doctor only gave running nose med cos there is no suitable med for cough for under 6mths. I guess as long as it's not cough, u can bring ur child to see pd. Try not to go for gp cos they dun specialize in children medicine, and normally they will give the medicine if u insist.
  3. msck

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    But my bb dun really have cough yet. Just sticky mucus. I was told by my fren tt pd only gives saline solution n nose aspirator. =(
  4. paulinepoh80

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    Just focus on nostrils, n suck very fast as they don like it n will struggle.

    What i usually do is I drip sterimar to further soften things inside. Sometimes after that use tissue to tickle a bit n they will sneeze out everything. Easier!!

    My bb had runny nose during confinement mth. Was prescribe sterimar ( saline water go wash bb nose) and illiadin for block nose.

    3 weeks ago he was down with bronchitis when he was only 3 mth plus. Was prescribed combivent& ventolin( both nebulizing) and Zyrtec, then change to the oral medicine of zenmolin ( also a kind of ventolin for cough) & zyrtec
  5. msck

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    =( always a heartpain to suck bb nose or to see her in discomfort.

    Do u suck with mouth or aspirator?

    Brochitis, wat's the syptoms? Breathing difficulty?? Hope ur bb is ok now!!
  6. paulinepoh80

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    I suck with mouth.

    Bronchitis is the inflammation of lower respiratory tract infections. my eldest son first symptom start with fever. My bb now start with slight cough. Both have runny nose and cough with phlegm. He eat less than half of his usual intake and eat at a longer interval too.

    He is ok now, used to drink 3 hrly 130ml. Past 3 days 2 1/2 hrly 140ml.
  7. rachelleling

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    I use the aspirator from pigeon to suck out the mucous inside.

    Actually your baby may not b having flu. could be just sensitive nose.

    if you leave the mucous and dun do anything abt it, it may backflow into the throat and cause sticky mucous and may cause thraot infection. So have to try to suck out as much as possible

    BTW, read that zyrtec may cause hyperactiveness in children. By right, flu med should make you drowsy and make you zzz cos the best treatment for flu is to rest. but then i gave zyrtec to my elder son. he was so hyper! cannot zzz and was cranky. can see he's really tired but he still very hyper. then i read up. one of the side effects is it may cause children to become hyperactive. so got to monitor if your child is like tat.

    try not to give medicine to children below 1 yr unless the illness is causing them distress and cannot zzz. My PD said as long as baby still can zzz andpoo and eat well, dun have to give med . Fever is different la. must give if too high fever.
  8. adeline630

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    should be more sensitive on the temperature changes. quickly wear on or off the cloths and aware their sweat.
  9. Rye

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    The 2nd pd I visited told me that Zyrtec is prescribed to babies 6mths n older yet bottle only had instructions for babies 2yrs n older. So what did your PD advised abt the meds?
  10. Wanda9480

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    thank ah!!!!!!!!!!!

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