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    Wanna ask mummies if you all start eating any food and drinks immediately after 1st mth confinement? I am in my 3rd week of confinement and cant wait to end and have a cup of bubble tea i have been craving since pregnant.
  2. patsie

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    What I did was to time my coffee time after I BF. Dat was d thing I missed most.... Coffee. Of cos... we can eat most things, just do it in moderation.
  3. StyloBabySingapore

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  4. babybooboo

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    I eat anything and everything since the day my baby was born except coffee and alcohol. My baby is now 10 months still breastfed and I have not gone back to either of those.
  5. ShaneLao18

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    I recommend you to eat healthy foods and don't drink alcohol :)
  6. janeljjmum

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    1st week eat light and non greasy food
    2nd week can have some light soups
    3rd week eat lots of nutritional dishes that your mum or your MIL cook!

    avoid eating oily for 1st 2 weeks to avoid breast engorgement :D
    hope it helps

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