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Discussion in 'Cooking discussion' started by Shoppaholic, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Shoppaholic

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    Dear mummies, my boy is almost a year and a month old but is still taking only grounded brown rice powder with milk. Occasionally, he does eat porridge with some meat and vegetables. Reason being, I don't really know how to cook and I also do not have the luxury to do so because he is just too active!! I can't even leave his side to go to the washroom, or leave him alone or he'd injure himself.

    Hence, would appreciate it if someone can advise on where to purchase homemade cooked food for toddlers, etc. P/S: Not too expensive ones, please. Thanks in advance!
  2. chaihoon

    chaihoon New Member

    Hi. U can go library. There are many cooks book. Some for toddlers as well.
  3. Xelle

    Xelle Member

    I don't know of a place that specifically sells homemade food for kids, but you can try looking up recipes that are quick and easy for you to prepare with your active little one. I used to care for my first (who is also super active) and we were living overseas at that time, so buying food is not really an option as it is just not as convenient like in Singapore. Have to prepare food when your little one is napping, or pre-prepare some things you need when you have help looking after your kid say washing and chopping of vegetables and storing them in containers for the week. Only take out what you need to cook for that meal. This saves a lot of prep time. Stock etc also can be prepared and frozen in batches.

    Some sites you can go to for ideas of what to cook:

    Recipes for Kids 1-4 years
    Quick & Easy Recipes - Page 1

    Recipes for toddlers
    Food For Tots - Recipes for toddlers

    General Recipes, but has options to search for kids-friendly recipes
    Recipes, recipes and recipes - Taste

    I hope the above helps! :)
  4. junebug86

    junebug86 Member

    Hello! My 18 month old boy is also very active and what I usually do when I am alone with him is I will turn on his favourite tv channel or play his favourite cartoon so I can prepare his meals.

    I am not a good cook (lack of experience lol), what I do is I will cook porridge using a slow cooker, thus I do not have to worry about the porridge getting burnt. Ingredients wise, I sometimes add fruits like apple with a dash of cinnamon, pears or avocados. For fish I only cooked threadfin. For meat I have let him tried chicken and pork and lastly for veg I will cook baby spinach and carrots.

    Just remember to check out for any allergies if you introduce a new food to your baby. You can PM me if you need, I will try my best to help :)
  5. tammysow

    tammysow Member

    i made fruit and veg juice for my baby and she loves it
  6. linamummy

    linamummy Member

    mummies can try making porridge with joyoung soy milk maker for your kids
  7. lovelymother

    lovelymother Member

    Alternative choices would be sweet potato or carrot puree
  8. linamummy

    linamummy Member

    My kids love sweet potato puree!!
  9. tammysow

    tammysow Member

    Pumpkin soup is very nutritious too
  10. sassylady

    sassylady Member

    It takes me 20 minutes to prepare carrot, mango and apple puree for my kids
  11. linamummy

    linamummy Member

    Do you add in anything else other than fruits?
  12. tammysow

    tammysow Member

    Blend the carrots with joyoung soy milk maker
  13. sassylady

    sassylady Member

    Anyone tried making lotus paste with joyoung soy milk milker?
  14. linamummy

    linamummy Member

    I don't, but do you have the recipe to share?
  15. tammysow

    tammysow Member

  16. lovelymother

    lovelymother Member

    I've received the Joyoung noodles maker as a housewarming gift!
    And its the best thing ever! I use it to make fresh noodles for my kids too! So no more processed noodles now!
    Anyone else using that? Let's share recipes?
  17. rbooboo

    rbooboo New Member

    I know this site called Dine Inn where you can buy homemade food but right now I think they're looking for people to list their food first..
    Wondering any mummies love to cook and wanna sell their food there? I'm looking for mummies to list their confinement meals there so I can buy.. hehe :)
  18. linamummy

    linamummy Member

    Was thinking what to cook for my 1 year old, but at the same time feeling lazy so i wanted to prepare something easy and less prep work.
    Tried using my Cornell Multi-Cooker dumped everything in and managed to whipped up some sweet pumpkin congee for my girl!
    I'm amazed.

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