Freelance Tuition Coordinator


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- 18 years old and above
- Only Singaporean/PR may apply
- No experience needed
- Training will be provided

You will be working as a tuition coordinator from home, matching tuition students with the suitable teachers. There will be a database for teachers available for you and all you have to do is to arrange the time and date for tuition.
No quota to meet, able to work as and when you want. Perfect for those seeking time flexibility. If you think that it's too good to be true, come down for a briefing and listen to what we have to offer.
Interested applicants please contact me @ 9106 1865 via whatsapp.
Please include your name, nationality and age.

Thank you.


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Online businesses are very profitable, especially nowadays. The quarantine changed the business world a lot. Now websites are trendy, and every company started t sell its products online. I have also opened a website for freelancers. They pay for a subscription on the website, and they are recommended to customers. Usually, these freelancers are web designers, video editors, or photographers. I do almost nothing for wearing the money from this site. I found, a service that runs the business and does all the accounting, and I can barely say that I am getting money just for the idea.


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When I started working as a freelancer in the team, a person who worked as a freelancer himself was hired by me to train and coordinate. He has extensive experience in this field, which is why beginners can easily trust him. I knew that he could teach me everything there is to know. I was 16 years old when I first became interested in the topic of online earnings. I needed a person who understands this much better than me. It's my personal opinion.
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It sounded like science fiction. Now Internet business is very lucrative, especially these days. Quarantine has changed the business world in a big way. Websites are now in vogue, and every company has started selling its products online. Especially teenagers are looking for night jobs that pay well. Well, or those who like to work at night. In this relaxed atmosphere. Web designers, video editors, especially get paid well. But even a child can already start earning from a young age. I played soccer with my friends when I was 16 and didn't think about making money.