Full Mth Celebration/Baby Shower - Preparation/Resources/Planning/Venue


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Personally, i felt after 1 month. I became more or less settled into the rountine of being a mummy. I havent really put much thought to my baby's full month celebration. I just let my MIL take care of tht =D

Surviving the first month and transitioning into a mum was one of the toughest thing i have ever did. Its interested to read online that Jaymee Ong also feels like suriving a month was a milestone.

You can read her entry here

So to other mummies, how did you survive your first month?


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Re: Question about one month cakes?

Just a note on the Cedele cake vouchers; they also write the cake $$$ value on it! When I asked why they said some clients prefer to exchange for other products. For me, it felt like buying presents for ppl and leaving the price tag on.

I eventually gave my friends cake vouchers from Bengawan Solo and kept the Cedele vouchers.


I have got a question.

If i invite my friends and family over for buffet, do i still need to give them cake? Or do I only give the cake to those who gave ang bao but did not attend the buffet?

I remember two of my friend's baby shower. One had buffet so no cake, the other one no buffet so she gave cake.

Whats the norm?


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Hi Ladies,

Any one here doing confinement at your own mother house and having baby 1st month celebration at your mum house also? Baby 1st month you will do it at your own mum place or your in law place? I need advise has been emo about these issue.


I'm doing confinement at MIL's cos own mother's place no rooms for Confinement Lady. But full month should be at the function room of my mum's condo..

Ordering cakes from cupcakedivinity, catering from chilli padi... thinking of setting up a dessert buffet table as well.


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Re: 1st mth celebration location.

Hi, has anyone tried MAD JACK's catering? Looks great and the pricing is reasonable too. No delivery charge, I think. They are halal too. Just good for the function.

Catering Singapore

Little Luxe

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Re: 1st mth celebration location.

Hi everyone,

We are in the business of selling unique and luxurious baby gifts. These gifts are great for baby showers, man yue/满月/first month celebrations, birthdays or just any occasion to dote on the little ones!

Drop by our site (www.littleluxe.com.sg) for a look.
Here's an e-coupon to start you off.

Happy gifting!

** In case the picture is too small, 'get10' gives you a 10% discount on all orders. Valid till 30 September 2012.


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Does anyone know if it's a Must to give individual boxes to colleagues? I was thinking of ordering a big box of cupcakes - say around 40-50 pieces and let everyone at office take on their own. Is this acceptable?

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mycoochicoo adores every new arrival

that's why we find joy in creating cute little full moon packs for them,
each hand-packed and personalized to your liking,
and your baby's pickiness.

every mycoochicoo full-moon pack consists of the following:

• a card that will carry your baby’s photo, his name, date of birth
and a personal message from baby’s parents
(card available in various designs)

• a portion of quality hand-picked fillings of your choice (lable with your baby's name available in blue and pink colours)

marshmellow, jelly beans, quail eggs, chocolate coated almond dates, mix green raisin and cranberries, imported honey

• a cute pack to hold everything together Loong loong.jpg

If interested you can visit below link for more information.
www.mycoochicoo.com.sgBucket City.jpg
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Hi I got a bouncy castle for rent detail as follows:-

Party Bouncy Castle for Rental – fits most HDBs and small gardens
4-in-1 bouncer: Bounce, slide, ball-pool, and a basket hoop
Dimension: 3.0m (L) x 2.8m (W) x 2.1m (H)
Suitable for child 2 to 5 years old
Maximum load: 136kg
Maximum players at one time: 4
Requires electrical outlet for air blower for continuous airflow
Comes with colourful air-filled balls in the ball-pool section
4 hours of bouncing fun at $200 only includes: delivery, set-up and removal

Do contact me at leapnbounce@gmail.com if you are interested.



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Hi Mummies,

Juz wanna share this great photographer who shot my girl's first birthday celebration last week.

Adrian from PinkBlue Photography is very good at handling young children during photography and the amount of patience he exhibits puts you at ease during your hectic event. Adrian is also very accommodating and considerate, he does his "homework" before working on the shoot. Adrian takes note on the special requests, preferences you have.

Charges are very reasonable and I muz say that after you have an encounter with Adrian, its hard to put a price tag to his service because his's service is genuinely from the heart.

Do check out his portfolio/website here:
Pink Blue Photography | Journalistic Wedding Photography from Singapore

Pls feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to share my experience with you further

Kudos to Parenthood!


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I hope this can help not only mommies, but anyone who is interested in printing banners with this service provider.
Shop Baby Toddler - Babykidworld Party Supplies Online Shop - Multiply Marketplace Singapore
she is a scam!! I emailed her and ask her specifically whether she can help me print the banner for my baby girl's bday. A specific date was given to her and she confirm she can so i proceeded to transfer her the money. I specifically asked her twice and both times she said okay..
So thereafter, i waited for her to print the banner and when she emailed me to inform me that i can collect the banner, she then told me to collect the banner from her asap (thursday afternoon she emailed me and expect me to collect that very night or the next day before 3pm!!) as she is leaving for overseas the next day. WTF? But i was kind enough and didn't want to make things difficult so i emailed her to make the necessary arrangement as i was tied down with work and could only collect on friday earliest (which previously arrangement was to collect on saturday).
So after emailing her three times, then she responded with 2 short line telling me that to go down to her place to collect. I was already pretty pissed with her nonchalance but decide to give her the benefit of doubt that she was busy packing.
So end up, on friday night, we went down to collect the poster. It was at 29 eastshore place and it was damn secluded. NVM!! THe entire house was DARK!!!!! I decide to come again on saturday afternoon, tried ringing the bell but again there was nobody!!!! feeling pissed off i emailed her a short email to tell her i am outside and there was no one. After waiting for sometime, we decide to give it one last try and come again at night but again, the house is dark and empty.
Damn pissed. A part of me feel like leaving her a written note to give her a piece of my mind but my taxi fare was increasing. :( i stay quite far from her and cabbing to and fro is COSTLY.. 30 each trip.
So disappointing. She is really the worse person i have dealt with my entire life.


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Hi Ceejayy,

How do you do! Read your post and appreciate your update on this vendor. Sorry to hear about what happened, and hope you still have time to order another banner for your celebration.


Hi, anyone has any idea on where to hold baby shower? As I'm not staying with my in laws and my in law place has not enough space to hold buffet.

I'm planning to have a small one for immediate families and close friends.

Anyone can share? This is my first time hence I'm v lost! :(


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Hi lovely mommy!
What we do?
We love baby showers! We minimize your time searching for a venue, catering buffet and decoration, by giving to us this beautiful job, we have it all!

Our Packages are for 30pax (min)
extra person is $15 dollars only.

The Venue is located in 778 North Bridge rd and the max capacity is 70 pax.
Come (appointment required) and just in minutes we decide the 7 courses buffet, the color of decoration, amongst tons of additional details and surprises that are sure to be remembered by all.
Hoping you will have a wonderful experience to share for this special day, memories for a life time!
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We love baby showers! Our wish is to minimize your time searching for a venue, or a cateringor decoration, by giving to us this beautiful job, we have it all!
Price starting from: $23 Catering buffet (min 30guests)

Includes: 8 courses Catering buffet, our Venue (or at your place), all the decoration,games (optional), 2 prizes, All completely personalized.
We do have diaper cake for the baby, party favours for the guests, a sweet 1kgshower cake, photographer, and much more.

Call or email us to lovingshowers@hotmail.com having a special day and memories for a lifetime!