Glenn Doman vs Shichida vs NeuroTree ...


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I understand there was a comparison study on Glenn Doman vs Shichida ... done by one of the local parenthood magazine, back in Oct 2005. Any chance some of you may have read that piece of article ... or better still, possess a cut-out of that piece of article?

Also, I've heard that NeuroTree is an "offspring" from Shichida ... anybody can furnish more info on all 3 set-ups, from first-hand experience?
THANKS in advance. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Ally Tan

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Hi VroomVroom,

Right now the hot topic is Shichida Method vs HEGURU vs Glenn Doman (Gymnademics)????
Shichida has been in here for sometime, and from what I heard about HEGURU is it is very similar
to Shichida.
Heguru will be starting their classes 2013. They have 3 branches here in Singapore.
Apparently all 3 outlets are run by different operators?????

Next is Glenn Doman (Gymnademics) at SAFRA Toa Payoh, just officially open Oct 2012.
Its a gym and also incorporated with flash cards.
They say when you add physical activities your baby will be more focus and will pay
With so many option, sometimes very confusing.

I got this info from Rightbraineducationshop.

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Hey Ally,
Yeah from what I understand from my child's teacher in Shichida, the 3 original schools are Shichida Method, Heguru, and Glenn Doman. How do you define original schools? I asked the Shichida Sensei, she said these are the schools that have done research and are founder of the right brain training method. I enrolled in Shichida partly because they are more focus on right brain training method and is older compare to Heguru. Heguru pride themselves as the research for speed reading using the "flipping" the book method. Very impressive!

By the way Ally the link you share is not working because they have updated their site to

Thanks for sharing Ally.


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Hello Super Cute,

My opinion about, Shichida vs Glenn Doman vs Neuro Tree depends on which school or method that your child likes. No such thing as the "best school". Got to visit Shichida and Neuro Tree and see which one fits your child best.
Glenn Doman is very effective but is more for DIYers and they periodically have courses for parents to attend. They will teach parents on how to use their materials and the right way to teach.

On another note: Heguru is also another right brain school to explore.

Personally I send my child to Shichida Method classes.