Hair loss treatment


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This is common problem these days and even i suffered a lot from hair loss problem..few months back one of my friend told me about the hair loss treatment like hair transplant. I was impressed by the methods and tried this one..You won't imagine, i got back my hairs..Now i don't feel under confident in front of others...All thanks to this technique..So i would refer hair transplant...try and feel the difference!


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I would suggest you to go for natural treatment.Maintain a balanced proteins in your food,because protein is important to strengthen hair and promote growth.
There are many old treatment of hair loss but hair loss in common problem unique treatment of hair transplant. After hair transplant reslove the problem hair loss treatment

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You actually take in a significant amount of chlorine when taking a bath. Chlorine not only kills bad bacteria, but is also harmful to our delicate skin.
A fact very few people are aware of is that, you absorb more chlorine during a 10-minute shower than by drinking 8 glasses of tap water.
Chlorine can cause fine lines and wrinkles, and some people may develop a rash from chlorine exposure. It also causes increased hair fall.


1) Helps restore damaged hair, and reduce hair fall.
2) Relieves itching, and helps with eczema (dry skin)
3) Improves skin condition by helping to create collagen
4) Whitening and moisturizing effect for beauty care


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Hair Loss treatment is very popular all over the world invent new technique of hair transplant like Fue and Fut is very latest technique of hair transplant....


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Most of us prefer natural hair loss treatment. But sometimes it is not so much effective. I think it is a long treatment. we can also prefer hair transplant method. Use hair tablets also. But before use we make sure that it must not have any side effects.


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I think you can try TrichoKare anti hair loss treatment. I went down for the treatment at orchardgetway after I saw their ads at ST paper last week, wanted to try as for the past few years I have been experiencing hair loss problems. Didn’t expect their treatment to be that effective as after my 1 time treatment through the micro-scan I can see that certain parts of my oily sebum have been removed. I was really surprise! The trichologist told me that because of my oily scalp I have a lot of clog pores which prevent new hair growth. They mention after the customized treatment it will be able to remove all those oily sebum to boost new hair growth. Hopefully at the end of my package I will be able to regain thicker hair.


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you join in May and u post within same month. TK TrichoKare must have force you to sign their package and made you promote their hard sale? Really feel sorry for your plight that you fork out ur life saving to their unnecessary treatment.

i hope you learnt lesson to firm reject their pushy sell service.

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Hair drop is normal de. The hair that dropped was actually the dead hair that was stuck earlier on the silicone oil on our hair scalp. Silicone is one of the major reason for hairfall. When stucked, it blocks our hair scalp, causing hair not able to absorb nutrients, therefore hair dies and drop. Just like plant, wither and dies.

Me myself used to drop a lot of hair too.. dry and frizzy.. 1 of the reason is also becoz I colour my hair and rebonding many times.. but once I start this ginger shampoo, omg!! Not only my hair drop lessen, my hair also become so soft and smooth. My hair regrowth too.. I am so happy that this small little bottle help me cleared all my worries and I’m very appreciated..

Good things must share!! PM me if u r interested to find out more.. :) wash ur hair is like doing treatment on your hair..


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To be honest, none of the topical remedies helped me regain my hair growth. Perhaps drug treatment or really hair transplant would be an excellent solution in this situation. The worst thing in this situation is to realize that your body is broken down, and it doesn't obey you anymore. Unfortunately, due to stress and chronic lack of sleep, I had a hormonal failure, and I got obese. I tried all the methods of body contouring Scottsdale. But nothing helped until we detected the reasons for this problem. But for this, I had to find a good specialist
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Has anyone tried going to an aesthetic doctor for hair growth treatment? My usual doctor Dr Ng Hong Yi offers hair growth laser and I just want to ask if anyone has experienced it.