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    I don't like vegies. I just only drink Vegelife Enzyme to be fit and healthy.
    I trust Biteki 90 Sen Vegelife Enzyme Drink and it's very effective!
    I can't see any side effect of this product specially it's made up of 90 vegies. I bought it in Nippon Mart.

    It's a Japanese brand and Britney Hamada (a Japanese manga artist), an official product tester, took on the challenge of a "meal replacement diet program" by replacing one meal a day with the enzyme drink and succeeded in significant "weight loss of 10 kg" in two and a half months and weight loss of 15 kg in one and a half years.

    Vegelife Enzyme Drink was also tested by 20 general product testers for 4 weeks by replacing one meal per day with the enzyme liquid.
    According to the test results, the average weight loss in 20 participants was 2.4 kg, and 7 out of 20 participants lost 3 kg or more

    You better try it! It's a healthy and effective weight loss product.

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