How To Make Potato Salad




500g good waxy potatoes (Dutch Cream potatoes used in video) boiled and cooled, then peeled and chopped into 1.5cm cubes.

1 cup of your favourite mayonnaise (dont't use low fat, you have to go all out here).
2 tbs white vinegar.

2 diced Polski Ogerki pickles.
2 tbs minced brown onion.
2 diced hard boiled eggs.

Be sure to make this the day before you serve, it will taste much better. Also dont't worry if there seems to be too much dressing, it soaks into the potatoes and reduces overnight.


Yummy! My hubby loves potato salad. Will try it out. Thanks!

I add bits of celery & red bell pepper cos we like the one from Kenny Rogers. Not forgetting black pepper!