How to prepare baby porridge?

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  1. Shirix

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    Hi mummies,

    I wanted to start giving my 7mths old baby porridge.. He has started to eat cereal for a month ago... But ever since he started cereal, he seems like he dun wan to drink milk... whether BM or FM... he will keep his mouth shut... unless he super hungry then he will drink straight away... if not, we have to play with him until he open his mouth then qw quickly put in the bottle.. i scare he got not enough nutrients, so wanted to start porridge but dunno how to...
    Can anyone help?? and do anyone experience the same situation as me?? My baby boy drink less than 500ml of milk each day... :(
  2. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    I didn't have the same problem. My boy rejected the bottle when I didn't give him EBM for a while, then we tried cup-feeding and it worked.

    You may try feeding him milk using open cup or spoon, since he is already taking cereal from spoon.

    Cups that we have tried are reviewed at cups Mummy's Reviews
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  3. tinkerball

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    i added milk to my boy's rice porridge. in a way it helps to supplement his milk intake cos at times he drinks very little milk
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  4. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    my pd told me aft a baby started solid food, average daily milk intake shd be ard 500ml.. slightly more or less is okay cos every babies is diffe...

    hmm u intend to gif 2 meals f solid food per day or replace the cereal with porridge only? cos i feel tt if u intend to add one more solid food, better wait since u said ur baby isnt drinking much..

    ds is taking 1 meal cereal and 1 meal porridge per day, my pd gave me the green light as ds used to drink 1.2litres of milk, sometimes 1.3litres b4 he started solid food. and even he start 2 1 meal cereal, he staill can drink 1.1litres per day.. now he is drink btwn 720-840ml per day..

    as for porridge, i will wash the rice and soak into a bowl of water for ard 30min... aft tt will cook it until boil den pour into slow cooker let it slowly cook until the rice breaks.. usually will start cooking at 10-11am den ds eat at 3.30-4.30pm...

    i will throw in pumpkin puree,fish or vege 15min b4 serving. i used to throw in earlier but the mummies here taught me not to do so if not the nutrients will be gone..

    recently i started using silver fish to boil with water aft tt scoop out the fish and use the water to cook porridge, sweeter... sometimes use a piece of lean meat but ds dont eat the meat and silver fish...
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  5. Shirix

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    Hi reginakoh,

    I intend to give him one more meal.. So afternoon, he will eat porridge and evening will be cereal... why is it that i need to wait if baby isn;t drinking much?? as i feel that even if i dun give him the porridge, he dun wan to drink... so i scare he got not enough nutrients..
  6. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    den u must balance the nutrients giving him... cos i personally feel tt, if give addi 1 meal he might drink even lesser milk? tt's my opinion though..
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  7. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    I agree with Mummy Regina.
    Starting solid is to supplement baby's milk feeds in the first year, not replace milk.
    A good time to start is when baby is still not satisfied after drinking milk, usually around 6 months.

    Introducing solid too early and too much will decrease baby's appetite for milk, which is very important in the first year.

    Cereal & porridge are mainly carbohydrates, to give baby more energy to be active through the day. Milk is protein plus many other nutrients, needed for baby to GROW.

    Therefore, porridge cannot make up for what baby misses from milk, until baby is eating a wide range of other sources of protein (egg, dairy, peas, beans, legumes, nuts, meat, etc) together with porridge.
  8. ochklk

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    I bought a Chinese Porridge Recipe Book from Popular, they have alot of recipe in it. about 396 type of porridge and meals.. from Month 4 onwards porridge, one of the recipe is to put in Cheese into the porridge...It teaches you how to combine milk and meals together for our baby... It's really helps a lot... I always try to cook different type of porridge every weekend or when I'm not working cos my MIL always cook same type of porridge... But my son (going to be 10 mths old soon)got no problem of drinking milk. Now he take 2 porridge and abt 1000ml of milk daily...

    Forgot to tell you the book name in Chinese - Ying Er Fu Shi Ping & Er Tong Shi Ping by Author Dr Gao Shi Huan (Front cover got a baby boy wearing a bear bear hat in Yellow)
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  9. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    Shirix, also agree with regina mummy, as your son is stil under 1yo, he still needs most nutrients from his milk. if u add in another meal of porridge, he might further reduce his milk intake.
    what brand of milk is ur son drinking? maybe u can try to switch brands?

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