how to send back maid?

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    hi mummies, if u hv the relevant experience, pls advice me. we hv issues with our current maid and decided to send her back home. mainly bcos the agent was reluctant to find a replacement for us. ANGRY man!

    the agent told us if we decide to send her home, we need to inform the agent and the agent need to talk to her to check if she is willing. if she is not willing, we cannot send her home. she said is MOM rule? is this true? im 1st timer. so i told the agent - out of 10 maids, all 9 will tell you they are not willing right?

    to send the maid home, is it just an air ticket? but which destination? this maid is indonesia, which means jakarta?
  2. Jan

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    Has your maid finishes her loan? I send my maid back 2 months ago but I did inform my agent and they also nvr asked me to talk to her... By the way, my maid was with me for 1 yr...
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    How long the maid been with you ? Usually you had already paid in advance of at least 8 mths maid's salary to the agent if you just sent her back to Indo that mean you cannot get the money back which maid get loan from agent.

    Yes. If maid from Indo all you need to do is go jetstar and purchase a ticket back to Jakarta. Please make sure that you has her checkin get through immigration to avoid any other legal isssue. You also need to inform MOM to cancel her her monthly levy.

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