How to stop comfort sucking?

i'm not sure is my boy is really hungry at night or just suckling for comfort. in the day he breastfeed very often(a lil too often, that's what many say). he fed every 1-1.5hr. at night he sleeps from 9pm to 9am next day, but he still looks for my breast in every 1.5-2hours.. unless it's a day out or less-nap-day then he can sleep 3-4hours straight. i long for thorough sleep of at least 5-6hours straight.. any advise mommies??
Wow! yr boy very gd can slp fr 9pm - 9am, I wish my boy was like that too!:001_302:

After his last feed at 10.30pm, my boy stil wakes up once or twice. My fren told me usually boy feeds more often than gal, mayb that's why.

Anyway, hw u make yr boy slept fr 9-9??
lingerbell actually you're luckier cos you boy only wakes up once or twice.. if you read the above post again i didn't get enough sleep even though my boy sleeps 12hours cos he would still woke me up to suckle like 4-5times in between the 12hours. my boy sleep pattern is like this since birth he would sleep for 14hours till 3months old but still.. he feed sleep feed sleep feed sleep all the way.. haha
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