I was physically blocked from delivering my baby-Looking for a gynae who can help with my legal case


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Dear fellow mummies,
Do you know of any gynae / obstetrician who is willing to hear about my delivery ordeal, and possibly consider becoming my expert witness in my legal case? I have to pay a hefty fee of course. I have approached some gynaes, and they had all turned me down. Understandably, they are not short of cash firstly, and secondly, they would not want to testify against their fellow gynaes.

My delivery ordeal: I was prevented from delivery for 33 mins because my irresponsible gynae had instructed, over the phone, the midwife to wait for her arrival! The gynae was informed on the phone that i was already 8cm dilated, and already pushing started, and yet, she did not consider the fact that i am without epidural, my 3rd delivery, her distance from home at East Coast to Thomson Medical, and peak traffic at 8am. Considering all the factors, how could she instruct the midwife to hold on to my delivery and wait for her! To my horrors, in less than 5 minutes after her phone instruction, i became fully dilated, 10cm! The midwife, out of fear of the gynae, did the most inhumane act on me and my poor fetus, to counteract and subdue my push, and to block my delivery! She is a big size young indian midwife. She stuck her right hand into my vaginal, and used her left arm and her body weight to grab my bent right leg. She even level the bed, and i was lying flat on my back, so being in this undesirable position, i was feeling the maximum contraction pain ever! I was held hostage in this position for 33 minutes! I have never cried so much in my entire life. I had even begged her repeatedly to get any doc to deliver for me, but she refused and said there were no other doctors who can help me. She only let go of me when the gynae finally arrived, very very late, washed up, put on her gown and gloves, and sitted in front of me! My baby was delivered almost instantly with my next push. The guilty midwife did apologised to me when she pushed me to the ward. She had even come clean that actually she is trained to deliver for mothers! i honestly did not know that midwives know how to deliver babies! I cried even more at that moment of truth. I developed numbness on my left feet, and my young daughter often complained of intermittent pain of varying intensity, in her legs. These chronic physical sufferings are adding immense psychological stress to my subconscious mind. I believe I do have post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attack, as I have presented most of the symptoms. All these stress factors have impacted my health drastically, and I believe it triggered the onset of my autoimmune disease, diagnosed in Oct 2018. However, being resilient, I have been able to hold up well for the sake of my three children.

Till today, that gynae still insists that she was NOT late for my delivery, and had not breached her duty of care to me. I have lodged complaint to Singapore Medical Council and the Singapore Nursing Board, and both replied that both gynae and midwife had done nothing wrong and that i was well taken care of!

SNB’s verdict: “Given the circumstances at the time, the two midwives took adequate steps to ensure the safety of the mother and the baby. Further, the Board has taken steps to verify that the conduct of the two midwives did not compromise the safety and well-being of yourself and your baby”.

So why am I wasting time (years) and money (legal)? What do I want to achieve? I want the truth. I want justice. I want the perpetrators to admit to their harmful and immoral act. I do not want another blessed mother-to-be to go through what I had gone through in that dreadful and inhumane delivery.

Through this forum, i earnestly hope that someone can help me. Please. Any advice, any sharing, any thing... i had really suffered inhumanely during my third labour, which was so unnecessary. Being experienced with two deliveries, I had initially envisioned my third labour to be beautiful and smooth, but turned out, it was my worst nightmare.

If only, if only, had the gynae NOT instruct the midwife to 'HOLD ON", then i will not be in this predicament. The gynae should have added instruction 'to deliver for her if baby is coming'.


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its very unfortunate to read about how 'professionals' act so terribly, especially at the premiums they charge. I hope justice will be served and your message will be delivered to a wider audience! I have just experience an ordeal myself and am exploring all the available social platforms Singapore uses to spread awareness.