In dilemma


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Hi Mommies

Im new here. I hope i will get the support that im looking for. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant. Im in dilemma. A lot of dilemma. I have one son aged 15 months and i am planning to continue my study. Me and my husband are below 25 and upon seeing my kit being positive, we are both happy and excited but don't know if we both could actually handle the second baby financially. We are planning to abort but i don't know,i dont feel like it.

I want to abort because we know arent financially ready and also we have a lot upcoming plans. But I dont want to abort because is an innoncent life at stake...

Any mommy dealt with this before? Any suggestion,advice,words will be respected by me. Thank you.

louis teo

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hi, i guess besides financial part, you have to decide who to help you to take care baby when both are studying/working.
all the best!