Is this normal?


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Hey all,

Am 22 weeks pregnant.
been getting mild pre-menstral kinda feeling from yesterday afternoon till now (I.e keep having the feeling of wanting to poo)
Went to the toilet to poo twice already, no diahorea though.
Sorry tmi.

called the gynae, but was told by nurse that as long as no bleeding or discharge it sld b ok.
Just need to monitor baby movement.

In addition to the mild cramping, been having the urge to keep peeing too.

is this normal? Cos I didn't have any of such symptoms before and it happened only after I drank some mocha yesterday for the first time


1 cup of mocha is fine. Don't worry. I really don't think all these symptoms are because of the mocha. 1 cup of caffeine a day is still considered okay. Although you should try to cut-back, if you're a tea/coffee drinker.

I didn't really experience mild cramping when i was pregnant, but i'm sure you're well taken care of by your gynae.

The constant need to pee is very normal. I remember waking up many many times at night to pee.

22're more than halfway through! Haha. Good luck! ;)


should be ok but just monitor ba...
so long no bleeding or spotting should be fine...
might be due to the stretching of the uterus too but if you are really worried, visit your gynae for a scan ba...
take care