latest review on TMC and Mt Alvernia

Hi mummies anyone has delivered at tmc or Mt A recently? Can share your reviews of the hospitals as am contemplating between these two.


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Hi I'm almost on my due date too & still cant decide which hospital I should go to. Im considering these 2 hospitals too. Thanks


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I delivered at Mt A on 31 Dec 2014. I think overall the experience was quite good. Staff nurses were very accommodating and assuring from the labour ward to the maternity ward. Was in labour for 17 hours and many nurses came in to help when I was pushing my baby out. Even as I was really frustrated and tired and cranky, they reassured me constantly and encouraged me to push.

Food was quite tasty, they had a daily menu which you could choose from, including confinement food. The nursery will wheel the baby every 2-3 hours for feeding and you could have your baby in the ward with you the whole day/night if you stayed in a single room. Stayed for 4 days as my episiotomy stitches were quite deep and walking was a problem for me until the 4th day. I was charged 2014 rates on 31 Dec and then +5% ward charges for the next 3 days for 2015 rates. Overall the cost was still manageable with Medisave deduction. I stayed in the single room.

Hope this info is useful for anyone considering to deliver at Mt A!