Looking for a good Chinese tutor? I've a recommendation.


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my nephew was taught by a tutor in Chinese N level. He went from 20/100 to 55/100 in 3 months time. I understand she taught from primary to JC Higher chinese. You may contact her at 86867079. Her name is Teacher Zhang


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Hi Mummies,
my kids were taught by jc. He is MOE-trained and specialises in Primary and Secondary Chinese Tuition with more than 10 years of experience. 9889 8261


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1 Male ex-MOE teacher with 15 years’ experience. Native CL speaker. BSc (NUS), PGDE (NIE), MA in Education (UK)
2 Specialises in P5, P6 and PSLE. Guaranteed qualitative improvement. Can attend to other primary levels too.
3 Has been keeping track of PSLE format all along. Can analyse and predict hot topics for coming PSLE. Very familiar with each year’s marking standard.
4 Gives personalised tuition plan for each vip kid, targeting weak components such as composition and comprehension. Free 1-hour trial and diagnosis for each kid.
5 Learning with fun by using teacher’s own tuition guidebooks. Teacher does take care of each individual’s needs.
6 Empowering each vip kids with practical exam skills to “prey on” PSLE and to gain higher scores rather than be “preyed” by PSLE.

Preferred Area: Marsiling, Woodlands, Admiralty and Sembawang. Discount given for in-house tuition.
Whatsapp: Miss Liu 90281588 for trial lesson.

1 男老师拥有15年政府学校教书经验,并拥有英国教育学硕士学位。
2 专攻五、六年级和小六会考,保证学生有大幅提高,小学其它年级也可胜任。
3 老师潜心研究每年小六会考出题思路,能够根据经验预测来年热门题型。对评卷标准非常熟悉。
4 根据不同的学生,帮他们打造个人的提升计划。针对弱的项目(比如说理解篇章或作文)帮学生提高。
5 老师有自己的专业教材和习题,帮学生在轻松和欢乐中提升。此外,老师重视关怀每一位学生,多鼓励,不批评。
6 带领学生反客为主,学生在最后关头,有足够的本领来“猎杀”小六会考,大幅涨分。而不是让会考来“猎杀”学生。



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Hi All,

You can try Mdm Mao, my son have a great improve in his chinese language after being taught by her and now chinese is his strongest subject in school. Anyone looking for one to one tution can try her. her contact number is 81260576.

hope this help.


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Hi, I am a middle-aged mother of 3 children with 7 years tuition experience in Mathematics and Chinese (including Higher Chinese) from P1 to P6 is seeking interested students staying near Central Singapore - Queenstown/Bt Timah/Clementi region. University graduate with experience in Mathematics in gifted programme as well as preparations for Math Olympiad. Please call or WhatsApp at 90073880 or email to grace1973@hotmail.sg.

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My son wants to learn Chinese, but it is still too small, I do not know what to do, but just in case I will take into account your phone number


Hi parents, if you are looking for a Chinese home tutor, Acetutors have a wide database of experienced and patient tutors who can travel to your place to conduct home tuition.

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Highly recommend Ms Vivien Le from Le Xue Education. She taught in Catholic High and is very good and patient in teaching the students Chinese language. Many of her students jumped grades in PSLE under her guidance.
Contact Le Xue Education here:
83237619 (Whatsapp)
or visit their website https://lexueeducation.com/ for more info.
I recommend LeXue Education, as The Founder, Ms. Vivien Le was a former teacher in Catholic High School with more than 22 years of experience in teaching and preparing pupils for the O Level Chinese Language Examination.

Her unique 3R Method specialized in helping students build a strong foundation in Chinese, improve their grades, and even develop a strong interest in the Chinese Language.

The 3R Method has helped numerous students from school such as Nanyang, Aitong, ACSI, RGPS, Peichun, Rosyth, Nanhua, CHIJ achieve stellar results in Chinese.

Visit their website today!