looking for math and science tutor for my sec 3 girl

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  1. limsiokhwa

    limsiokhwa New Member

    Hihi, Im desperately looking for a good science tutor(pure physic,chemistry and biology) for my Sec 3 girl. Any recommendation? I prefer word of mouth recommendation as its trustworthy.
    Thanks a million!
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  2. hanhui28

    hanhui28 New Member

    I've sent you a private message:)
  3. KimNyou

    KimNyou New Member

    Hi Mrs Lim,

    If you're still looking for a tutor, you can consider sending your child for a free trial lesson (2 hour) to our centre at Clementi. Call us (6777 0061) or email us enquiries@kimnyou.com.sg

    Kim and You Team
    Kim & You Tuition Centre | We connect with your child.
  4. AppleChua

    AppleChua New Member

    Hi! Ms Lim. :) I am Apple. I see that you are looking for a science tutor. :) Would you like to consider the tutors at trust tutor?

    Here in Trust Tutor, we have Part Time and Full Time Teacher for every level from Kindergarten 1 and 2 to Junior College. For your interest, we also provide Music, Sports, Language, Art and Computer program lessons.

    The Benefit of getting a tutor from us:
    - Managed by experienced Tuition Company - Trust Tutor, who has been in this line for past 14 years.
    - Get up to 20% discount for EPB assessment books.
    - Accumulate points for every dollar you spent and redeem it with a shopping voucher.
    - Get a Free E-Learning/Assessment Account. Public Rate is $49.90/monthly.
    - We have many tutors; we can quickly find a replacement for if you are not comfortable with the tutor
    - More than 138 courses for you to choose from

    Interested? :) Contact me: Apple @ 85330419/ chuaxinping97@gmail.com
  5. Lim Boh Jun

    Lim Boh Jun New Member

    Hi there!
    A group of friends and I are currently embarking on our tuition agency idea and we're providing matchmaking between Tutors and Students!
    Don't worry, there will not be any extra commission drawn from the parent's side.

    How it works is we'll pair your child up with tutors that fits your requirements. We have a wide array of tuition teachers under us! Rates are flexible and can be discussed as well!

    Do contact me @ 83882714 to discuss more about the possible prospect of pairing up your child with a tutor!

    Boh Jun
  6. amberT

    amberT New Member

    I have been sending my kids to a centre in bedok. My daughter(sec2) is doing great. She has been with them since P3. My son is in p4 now is with them in their tpy centre. PM or email me if any of u are interested. :)
  7. limsiokhwa

    limsiokhwa New Member

    Hi amberT, Thanks for your recommendation. Although its a bit far from my place but I would like to give it a try. Would you please PM me. Thanks so much:D
  8. eltontay

    eltontay New Member

    Hi Ms Lim, my name is Elton. If you find the centre a bit far from your place and instead want home tuition,
    do contact me @9748 2040, preferably by whatsapp and i'll be glad to help you find suitable and affordable home tutors within your budget for you :)
    I only got this database till the September this year so yeap! Feel free to contact me.
    Have a nice day!
  9. cathryntan

    cathryntan New Member

  10. kalyawoo

    kalyawoo New Member

    Would strongly recommend you my home tutor, Ms Janel Tan can call her up at 83187919. She is really good, so good that i let all my 3 children to be all taught by her, as she really shows result, I dunno how bad your child's results are but Im pretty sure that she is worth a try!
    My second daughter esults IMPROVED from 25% to 66% within 8-9 months!
Tutor Janel is a very good, responsible & committed tutor, my girl likes her alot. She will go through the basic concepts with her after school teacher finish teaching the topic, to clarify the doubts my girl still have. Tutor Janel even prepared her own worksheets, focused on certain topics for each lesson & guide my girl on the techniques to apply the concepts to the question, also helped identify questions that are likely to appear in the exams.
My girl now have a much better understanding of her Chemistry and Mathematics concepts & most importantly she is enjoying her every lesson! Were rather thankful to be able to find such a wonderful and suitable tutor & we were able to see such vast improvements within such short period of time before O level!. It really gives us the peace of mind, knowing that my girl is well taken care of by a qualified tutor WHEN THE HER PRELIMARY RESULT SHOWS GREAT IMPROVEMENT.
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  11. AceTutors

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  12. hiddenchilli

    hiddenchilli New Member

    Would like to introduce you to our new free public tutor database: WongTutor.com.

    You can try calling/emailing the sec 3 math/science tutors in our database directly, and choose the most suitable tutor for you.

    (Parents can also post assignments to let tutors come to them.) Hope this helps!
  13. scottwong

    scottwong New Member

    Hi ,
    I am a science tutor & specialise in chemistry. Do contact me if keen. So far all my students are through referral. I am male tutor btw..
    Contactable at 9003 6562
  14. wendy79

    wendy79 Member

    Hi i am looking for a tutor to coach my P4 girl maths and science. Currently she is attending an enrichment centre at tampines. Her results are in a yo-yo state. Any good recommendations??
  15. scottwong

    scottwong New Member

    My lower block student just got 81.9% for science at recent CA and i am also teaching maths at private school. Aware of the syallabus for these two subjects.
  16. AceTutors

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  17. Amandaxu

    Amandaxu New Member

    If you're looking for sec school tuition, you might wanna try Tuition Finder heard they are not bad in a sense they interview all their tutors under strict regulations etc so no funny business on your side. Also they match your child according to the right tutor, so for parents who wants to go for a long term basis tuition with the tutor you and your kid can connect to, can try them. I just recently engaged a chem tutor from them for my boy, as it's my boy's weakest subject currently. Can pm me for more information.
  18. tutorlocater

    tutorlocater New Member

  19. limsiokhwa

    limsiokhwa New Member

    Hi Kalyawoo,
    Thanks a lot for the contacts. Really appreciate it =)
  20. scottwong

    scottwong New Member

    Hi there, i can only help on Science and chemistry.. maths isnt my forte

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