Make An Impression With A Personalised Gift For Your Loved Ones

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    We first started this platform to help the often busy and sometimes clueless Dads source for ideal gifts for their families & friends. As we develop the concept store, we are beginning to identify more & more products and services where can offer. Though the original theme is about Dad, practically everyone now will be able to find something interesting for that special someone. We see Daddiscovery as a place where families can also shop for the perfect gift for their Dads & Friends.
    Our gifts are made and sourced both locally and globally with each gift designed to touch the heart of the recipient. We are competitively priced to meet the different needs and budgets of our clients. Best of all, many of our gifts can also be personalised to make the gift even more unique for that special person.
    We strive to bring about a whole new eCommerce experience and we welcome everyone on board to "Discover" our world of Daddiscovery today!
  2. kyawkyawnaing

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    It's a great idea..Is there any example of gift ?
  3. Daddiscovery

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    hi Kyawkyawnaing, thank you for your interest, we are currently working on the posts and now pending for the moderator to approve.
    We have products from Wood material ( signage, kitchen cutting board, IPhone wooden cases ), Acrylic ( LED display ), Crystals, Mugs, Tees, Leather notebooks and others. Are you sourcing a personalized gift for your love one? :)

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