Malaysian PR Mums - Applying PR for newborn - procedures?

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by milkshake, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. milkshake

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    Are there any Malaysian PR mums who gave birth recently? I would like to find out the procedure in applying for PR for my newborn as if i understand correctly, the child wont be a citizen since me and my husband are PR holders. I read in a few forums the procedures but as these posts were dated back some time, i'm not sure what's the latest - e.g. need to physically bring baby to Malaysia High Comm to do passport - some say yes, some say no? And also ICA procedures.

    Any replies is much appreciated!
  2. milkshake

    milkshake Member

    anyone has experience?
  3. hueychye79

    hueychye79 Active Member


    I have same experience with you since my husband and I is Malaysian.

    Are you give birth already?

    While you admit to hospital, after give birth and your husband need to register the birth of your baby.

    The hospital will give you the letter and white card for your baby, just follow the instruction to submit the doc to the ICA and waiting for the approval.

    Before go to ICA, all the doc you required actually is from Malaysia Embassy.

    You need to bring your baby to apply the Borang W (is like to register that he/she is Malaysian), one weeks later go back to collect the Borang W than same day can apply the passport for your baby.

    After collect the passport, you just follow the instruction and prepare the doc to submit to ICA.

    Oh, just share my experience...

    My baby PR initially is been reject and ask me to reapply after 6 months, I feel so mad and decide to appeal.

    After submit the appeal letter and I also try to write the email to the MP (for my area is Dr Vivian), you can easily get the email address when you googles. (The email is been reply within 15 mins)

    It helps and the PR of my son been approved after 3 weeks times.

    Hopes it helps..
  4. milkshake

    milkshake Member

    Hi thanks for yr tips! I'm due to deliver in May.

    When u apply for borang W, u can't apply for passport at the same time? Must wait until borang W is completed then only can apply? Does baby need to go second time when applying for passport? I know during borang W baby needs to be present.

    Just wondering - why did they reject your baby's PR? I'm worried now that they wld reject mine :( icant Lear my baby in Malaysia since all of us are here and no one to care for in Malaysia
  5. milkshake

    milkshake Member

    Sorry I forgot to ask also - I assume both u and yr husband are Singaporean pr also?
  6. hueychye79

    hueychye79 Active Member

    You can only apply the passport with borang W, so no choice need to go down two time because the borang W need 1 weeks to process.

    About reject my baby PR, that one I also not sure. Guess is my document is not complete?? Ha ha .. I also don't have answer about that because ICA will never write the reason.

    Don't worry, you still can appeal or get the MP to help....

    Both husband and I are Malaysian, SPR...
  7. milkshake

    milkshake Member

    Thanks alot for the info! So mafan have to go twice ... Haih no choice then. Hmm will make sure my documentation for PR is complete - thought they wld normally check before submitting it. Hope mine will be ok. I didn't know MPs will help us SPRs :D thought its only for citizens .. Hehe
  8. hueychye79

    hueychye79 Active Member

    Ya, is a bit troublesoom but have no choice.

    Oh ya, just a small reminder...

    When you give birth I believe it sure have someone can provide you the package to take the photo shooting for you baby.

    You can consider to take up the package because it is include the photos you require for your baby passport and borang W.

    Just my suggestion... = )
  9. milkshake

    milkshake Member

    Oh thanks for the tip!
  10. Ling79

    Ling79 New Member

    Dear hueychye79, and all
    Thanks for sharing your tips.
    my husband and I are Malaysian and Singapore PR.

    I'm due to deliver in end April. BUT, I will be going back to my hometown (Perak) to deliver .
    So , it could be different procedure to apply PR for baby born IN MALAYSIA.

    Could anyone here share your experience ?

    Thank you very much in advance.
  11. hueychye79

    hueychye79 Active Member

    If you are going back Malaysia to give birth, the only thing I know is application for PR is more difficult.

    The waiting period is same as adult who work in Singapore..

    If the baby is give birth here, no need to apply e-appointment.

    Can just walk in.

    If baby give birth outside Singapore, need to apply the e-appointment..

    CHING CHING New Member

    Hi Mummy Hueychye79,

    I am applying PR for my newly born baby next week. I am PR,Myanmar nationality, and my hubby is S pass. Recently all of my PR friends (Myanmar national) failed in their attempt to get PR for new-borns.

    So, I am worry about my baby too. May I know what did you write in your appeal letter to ICA & the email to MP? I just want to know rough idea. Thanks :)

    Ching Ching
  13. hueychye79

    hueychye79 Active Member

    Hi Ching Ching

    I just write the appeal letter indicated how long we are been in Singapore, what can we contribute in future.


    CHING CHING New Member

    Thanks, Hueychye79 :)
  15. Bearygum

    Bearygum Member

    Hi Milkshake, I got the PR for my daughter one year ago. The procedure is similar to what the other mummies shared with you. But i didn't bring my baby to collect Malaysia passport. I am not sure if the procedure changed but u can always ask the officer when u are there.

    One more thing that u might want to find out beforehand is if there is any facility in Hicom to take baby photos. Last time we only knew that after filled up the form for submission. We end up had to walk about 15 mins to one of e photo studio to take the baby passport photo. You also need to make sure the baby eyes is open on the photos. Other than that, nothing critical in Hicom.

    As for ICA, we submitted the form without presenting baby. However baby needs to present when collecting the PR cert after approved. The ICA will issue a special pass for your baby after form and docs are submitted. If i remember correctly, this pass can be extended upon request. Sorry that i can remember how long you can extend each time because my first PR application was approved.

    Hopefully this info helps.
  16. llaiinn

    llaiinn New Member

    Hi mummy, do I need to present when applying for Borang W at Malaysia high com?
    Can i ask my husband to go with the baby instead of me?
    and what time we have to be there at high com? I heard people start queing at 6AM...
  17. Bearygum

    Bearygum Member

    Hi llaiin, I accompanied my hubby and baby for the Borang W but my confinement lady told me that it's ok if mummy not showing. However, I would advise you to go down to Hicom to double check since the procedure might change from time to time.

    As for the timing, we were there around 7am and the queue still ok.

    Good luck.
  18. juliacpl

    juliacpl New Member

    Hi Bearygum and mummies,

    How long will it take to know the PR application results?

    This is because I planned to go back to Malaysia with baby for a couple of weeks after applying for PR. FYI, baby born in Singapore.
    Does anyone know if baby leaves Singapore and comes back, will the default pass given be void and the 30 days social visit pass kicks in when baby returns to Singapore?

    Anyone has experience such scenario?

    Thanks in advance.
  19. Bearygum

    Bearygum Member

    Hi Julia, if i remember correctly it took about 3-4 months to get the result. I also went back to M'sia with my daughter after submitted the application. We then bring her back to Singapore to complete the PR when the application was approved. At that time she entered Singapore by filling in the immigration card.

    Sorry that i don't have answer for your 2nd question.
  20. juliacpl

    juliacpl New Member

    Hi Bearygum, thanks for the reply.
    When you fill up the immigration card, how long stay was given / stamp on the passport - do you remember?

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